Math Reflection

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In this math class, which is 7B math class, we had Mr. Fedley as our teacher, This semester we studied ratios, algebra, 2D shapes or angles and statistics. I think I did well on angles, also I enjoyed algebra and rations too. this is my some work. I most enjoyed the Marine Tower activity. Next year I want to focus on reflection because in this  year I didn’t good job on reflections.

The Story Of Yokohana

Yokohama – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

My main question was “What kind of What kind of benefits were there for having a sea near Yokohama?“. I’m choose this question because Yokohama is near to see Yokohama and lot some foreigner ware living in Yokohama. So I’m research about Yokohama, Matthew PerryRed Brick Warehouse, Chinatown, Hotel New Grand and Trading. Yokohama was a small fishing village, when sea port opened, having little contact with foreigners, it was Perry. Then Yokohama started trading with other country. The sea allowed Yokohama to trade with other countries, and Yokohama became international because it was able to exchange products. Specially many Chinese were came to Yokohama, so they started build Chinese school, community center, Those building represent beginning of the Chinatown. Grand Hotel was same as chinatown many foreigners came to Yokohama, then they when to the Grand Hotel because close to sea port so easy to go back to they home country.

Fair Game Reflection

In this past unit we were working on minecraft and building theme parks. Everyone was split into 4 different groups. In our group there was Ayaka (peacemaker), Hyewon (creator), Yuka (follower) and Hana (leader). The theme we were given was paradise.

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Design Specification…

Theme: Paradise Found

  • Essential: It has to be adventurous for children but relaxing for adults.

  • Must not: Must not have tech stuff because whey people thinking paradise, paradise were nature


  • Essential: Have an ocean.

  • Must not: We must not work on something else while we are still doing our own attraction because we don’t know when we finished own attraction.


  • Essential: We need to use materials that you will find in an island or jungle because it is paradise theme.

  • Must not: We must not use things that’s not related to our topic(paradise), for example zombie, black blocks and more.


  • Essential: We need to think creatively and be original. in this unit most important thing is creating part.

  • Must not:  copy other ideas/thoughts, we need to create own attraction.


  • Essential: We need to have our work equally split and no one working more than other or less.

  • Must not: We must not waste our time, because we are not professional(expert)  to play minecraft.

Design Cycle…

investigate In the investigation stage, our group did very collaboratively. I think we have chance to talk shared idea(each person) and when one person was talking then other people was listened. I think I should try to improve design brief & design specification by take more time, think about what is this meaning and add more detailed.

Design When we finished own map, we compared our group map,we talk about what was good idea or point on/in this map? & How can we improve? Then we focused on target audience, theme and layout. I think we communicate well because we improve a lot when I compared the map and we choose best idea from each map.

Photo on 3-17-14 at 11.14 AM1st Map

2nd Map

The final map

The final map

Plan When I planing, my first description was not detailed, then we did a peer assess, I got some feedback from my classmate then I add more detailed on my description, I added size, tools, when I’m going to ask them(each floors design) and I make time line.

Create I think I did good job on create part because I finished my gift shop on time. When I build I add more tools and idea on my gift shop, for example I add gift on each floors, make brightly and nicely.





My theme park's floor, 2nd floor

My theme park’s floor, 2nd floor

To check if our theme park was up to expectations we went around the class and asked everybody if they would want to go to our theme park. We asked 17 students (7B) and plus the teacher which was 18. Everyone said yes which made our group very happy and as if our hard work had paid off. To check if our park looks unique and original, we went on the internet and check if there are any paradise theme that look like ours. We didn’t found any theme park that looked like ours so we founded out that our theme park was actually unique and original. The questions we had in the form were:Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 11.35.28 AM

I enjoyed this unit and I learned how to work whit other people(together). When I started this unit I worried because I’m not good at playing games and I think I’m not good at group working(like discuss, talking). But I learned how to sharing idea, discuss, play minecraft and more thing.

Make your Mark (Line Drawing) Reflection

In art class, we have been making a line. We chose a picture(black and white) and started drawing with pencil  first and adding details with permanent marker. We needed to use different line techniques in our drawing.

photo5           SONY DSC

The Process made over the unit


First we were practise line and gradation (Value&Tone), using different types of line and patterns (Space and Direction); Cross-hatching, Hatching, Stipple, Scumble, Contour hatching, Random hatching,textures, positive, negative space and more.

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 2.28.03 PMWe  researched two famous artists. Durer, Rembrant and Van Gogh, I learned that all of this artists had a different style of drawing, so when they used same types of line but looks different or they draw same objects but explain different way.

Then we learned more about artists sketch. We compare  different artists sketch. I did “Vincent van Gogh : Cottage Garden (1888)” and “Albrecht Durer : in his cell (1514)”.

Photo on 4-8-14 at 10.37 PMPlanning & Artistic techniques

When we did the plan we practice a lot like used trace paper, tried to draw 3 different types/stale(use different line or tone and different types of pen)

Photo on 4-23-14 at 5.57 PMImprovements

(<-My first practice)if I’m going to do this work agin I think I need to change ground, middle ground and sky because the right bottom part you can see much details but other ground part its looks like mostly white and also sky if look at the original picture  you can see really good gradation but my final work show justblack part,white part and  gray part.I need to spend equal time to each part and use more different types of line techniques .


Overall, I think I improved a lot because when I compare to my first drawing and final work I add much details on final work also I improved many skills gradation, hatching and tone (value).

PE:Dance unit

In P.E we did a unit on dance(song; Can’t Hold Us) with Ayano.

We were assessed Criteria B, Criteria C andCriteria D.

Ms.Hamada said: … Your movements were strong but could show more extension and energy
My mom said: Oh…Okay good…What you are good at dance?

how this feedback will be of use for our next dance unit?

I think next time I need to improve Criteria C(Performance) I got low score then other criteria; When I read my feedback, I can see one improvement it is said “~~show more extension and energy.” so next time I try to use more movement, more energetically.

Using Ratios To Estimate Sizes

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 9.40.17 AM



We are almost complete with our topic, ratios.

We did a small group activity I was with Lisa. We needed to take a picture of 2 objects, and measure the length of the smaller one. Then, using ratios, we had length of the other object.

We chose the height of Mr.Fedley, using computer case. The length of computer case was 31cm

After I’m edited the photos we took, we noticed that 6 of the computers fit in Mr. Fedley. so the ratio of my computer case : Mr. Fedley = 1 : 6.

my guess, Mr. Fedley must be 186cm because 1 computer case was 31 cm so times 6 : 31 x 6 = 186.

We asked Mr. Fedley he was 172cm, it is mean in ±10 so we are close to guess supposed we are correct.

Reflection Of Semester 1 Mathes

I learned…

  • venn diagrams
  • setnotations
  • phytagoras theorem
  • percentages
  • casino game

I enjoyed…

  • phytagoras theorem because I learned new thing and I like how to find hypotenuse

I did not enjoyed(little bit)…

  • casino game because I don’t know why we did casino game

The I was most proud of was…

  • test because basically I got better score then list year

I want to improve…

  • try to use more mathematical word
  • get better (test or reflection and writing part)

Reflection on Park Illustration

In art class we had to make a park illustration. I learned watercolour skill and how to make more better artwork.

1. What was your progress made over the Park Illustration unit?

First I saw the Tommy Kane video then I needed to answer What did I see, what did Tommy Kane do, what materials did he use, what techniques did he use, what made his visual journal so good. After this work I when to the park then draw the place but it was just practice, I think I’m draw 2 place(practice) than I chose the final place then draw the line, between the practice and final draw I leaned  10 watercolour skill.

(this this watercolour skill I needed to used on my draw)


2. How you used feedback to improve your artwork?

I improved my art work by feedbacks from my peers. I got feedbacks from Garrick. Garrick said I needed to use more  watercolour skills so I’m think about more watercolour skills like how can I use this skills or when I use this skills.

(this is my feedback)



3. If you were going to do this work again, what would you do differently and why?

If I’m going to do this work again I want to improve my skill and make more realistic because I think now my skill was vary simple so I want try difficult work and use more colour. And I want do batter sketches.

this is my art work!

I like this unit because I can learned watercolour skill and I like art.