Wanna go to a place where it makes your dream come true? Well…. Let us introduce our city.

SHAKA !!!!!!!!!! 🙂

In the center there is a big hospital so when someone needs to go, wherever you are in the city, it would be close to you. In the hospital there are 10000 rooms, heliport in case there is an emergency. There are four roads connected to the main hospital so that there can be people coming from outside of the city can come, and there are 5000 parking spots so that people can come without constraint. There is a humongous natural park in the other half of the hospital for better air in the hospital.

Every building has a solar panel so that we can stay eco friendly. Next year, we are planning to make a power plant that makes electricity using the fire made from the burning garbage.

The city also includes police stations on each corner, limiting the crime in the area. However, the police stations are further away from the educational centers and schools, to prevent intimidating or scaring the children, yet still keeping them safe. In addition to the parks and many nature walks, the city park provides a variety of religious buildings for peaceful and calm retreats including a Church, a Shrine and a Mosque. Next year, we plan to add in a variety of religious building next year, depending on the many people’s religions and beliefs living in our city.

In this corner, there is a mall almost as big as the hospital, and in there, there are all types of shops, such as supermarkets, toy stores, fashion stores, game centers, cinemas and more. It is because if there are the shops all in one place, the citizens wouldn’t have to move around to go to the shops.

Near the mall, there would be the school of the city. That includes places from kindergarten to university. We made everything close because then we can have a larger campus, and the citizens wouldn’t have to change the way they go to school. We made the mall near the schools because in school the students would need to buy supplies and it would be easier for people to buy supplies if the mall is near the school.

We made an apartment that is shaped like a circle because in the center, there would be shops, and so that all parts would be close to the shops in the center. In the center, there are shops such as supermarkets, sports center, and restaurants. On the top of the apartment, there would be lots of solar panels for the apartment and the whole city. There are 7 towers to the apartments, A-G so that lots of people could live in the city. We made it all in one building because then everyone is close to each other, and people can be close to eachother. Around the apartment, we put a natural park around it for good natural environment.

Next to the schools and the apartment, there is a natural beach where there are lots of sea animals living there. In a certain area of the beach, people would be able to interact with the animals there. Near the beach, we are planning to add gift shops, supermarkets, and restaurants so that people can buy souvenirs and food for the beach. Next to the beach, there would be a theme park so that the visitors or the citizens of the city would be able to play without being bored. In the theme park, there would be attractions such as roller coasters, ferris wheels, haunted houses and more. Near the beach and the theme park, there would be an aquarium the so the same reason we set the theme park, and also so that the visitors and the citizens wouldn’t have to move much to have fun. It would also be interesting if there is an aquarium near the beach because you can see different sea animals even though it is in the “sea”. In the same area, there would also be volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, and recreational areas so that people from all ages would be able to enjoy this area.

A corner of a mountain containing a forest is located over here, and people are free to visit and explore the area as much as they want, as long as they don’t destroy it. You are allowed to come and start a camp with your friends.

Across the street from the edge of the mountain is the Local park, where citizens or this city can freely visit, have fun and enjoy their time. To make sure no one tries to be naughty, one of the 5 mini police stations in the city are located right next to the park inside the same block.

Just to make this city extra interesting and to make it more city-like, we have added a zoo and a museum divided by a river lead straight to the undergrounds of Shaka city. What little child doesn’t want to visit a zoo full of animals? In fact anyone of any age can come and visit the animals. Another cool aspect of this city is the the museum.

Lastly, the roads in the city are built for all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, buses, bicycles, etc. The roads are separated into four, each building built around the roads. This makes it much more convenient to transport from one place to another, making the city extremely difficult to get lost in. Overall, the city provides an easily accessible way to transport, regardless of where you are in our city.


Drama: Infomercial

In drama class we need to make a informercial video and my product was talking dolls.

My barriers was that I’m not using that much tone of the voice and gesture, also using peer word was kind of hard too because I don’t use gesture while I’m speaking often, and Im not changing my tone of the voice when I was talking. Another thing that barriers me was, I got nervous because when I started recording I need to speck clearly and I need to use peer world to intrudes my product.I think I need to keep practice and try to use big or changes of my voice in my life. Also it’s good to watching people who talking with big gesture can help me too I think.It just mental barriers so if I keep try and practice I can make an improvement and it become a normal thing to talk in front of people.

I&S: What did I learn…?

In a Individuals and Societies class, we learn about globalization and we finished assessment. Before we learn about globalization, I have not that much idea what is globalization and how it affect us. One dig thing I learn is globalization has a connection between our life, and it is big part of our life even though if you don’t know. In this unit we did a big project and I was really worry about this unit because we didn’t oftenly worked on those big project. What I learn form this big project is, it’s really important to think about the time and make a plan because when I started working on my task 1, I have no plan at the beginning, after that I realize I really need a plan to finished my work at due date. I really proud of my work that I can finished up at due date and proud of my grade too. Also I proud of that I had a basic skills to managed the time by myself.

Traveling today

In this few month, our unit was about velocity and speed. We use motion sensors to know what is velocity is, also we looking at some graph to find velocity and find speed(distance/time). Using that information, we need to fill “Global Travel”… In our life, there are quite few way to traveling around this world. You can use some riding, like car, airplanes, bicycle, boat, some animals and more, also you can walk, swimming or any thing that you can move. Out of all of them,  when you want to go somewhere  you have to consider how long it’s going to take you to arrive to your destination and plan out your things. For example, if I’m going to meet my friend in some peace, I can ask them or I look at different websites to see which train or bus I should go on, because it will tell me coast and how long does it take to arrive there.


Drama:persuasive speech

In drama class we writhing persuasive speeches about a topic that you chose. My topic was “Dogs are better than Cats”. In my speech I talk about some fact from some animal site.

Clip #19 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

In this speech, I think I made rally good script, and present well/ better than 7th grade speech. Sometime I look at my speech but mostly I try to look at audience and try to do eye contact with audience. When I watched my video, it is not that bad as what I thought. I think the structure of my speech is very clear but I was really nervous when I present my speech, so I kind of miss some part, but still my structure has every thing that I need. One thing I can improve on is I need to speak more clearly, get more confidence and can change my voice tone.

I could use a persuasive speech in my life now for if I wanted to buy something, but I don’t have money to buy that thing, so when I have to persuasive my parents to buy that things or stuff.I could use a persuasive speech in the future for when I need to present new product, I need make then they want this product or they want to use this once.

It is useful to know how to prepare a speech and know how to structure a speech because it is useful in future, when you want to make a speech. If your speech don’t have right structure, then people can’t understand what you are try to say and point. Also important to know how to present speeches because when you speaking in front of audience, you will feel by yourself confident and comfortable. If you present your speech well, it make to people to attention at your speech and what you are saying.

Elevator Scene

Last Drama class, we showed our elevator scene to the class. I think we did good job but we can improve some part because some parts are not clear to the audience and make it realistic. I think if I were really stuck in an elevator, I think I’m not going to act like that. One more think is we need to talk about how elevator looks like.

Elevator #4 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


This was my final elevator scene. I think that we did a better job in second one then first one. Because in this video we show up how dose each character change when elevator stop. Also we talk about how dose elevator looks like, so it became more realistic reaction. What I can improve next time, I think I need to speak more clearly.

8A Elev 3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Gapminder: Japan and India

In I&S class I’ve researched development in Japan and India. We are using Gapminding.

Birth Rate

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 7.58.07 PM

The Birth Rate is the total number of births per 1,000 of a population in a year. In this graph, India has more birth rate than Japan and higher population. However both country getting higher life expectancy. Japan shows a decline for birth rate as an MEDC(More Economically Developed Countries). This is not beneficial because there wold be lass worker in industrialised a cities.

Infant Mortality Rate

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 8.04.34 PM

Infant mortality rate is the number of deaths of children less than one year of age per 1,000 live births. In this graph, both country developed there infant mortality. It means both country get better medical treatment so it effected the infant mortality and life expectancy.


Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 8.13.28 PM

HDI is developed by the United Nations to measure and rank countries’ levels of social and economic development, view of a country achievement. In this graph, you can clearly see difference between an MEDC and LEDC. Japan has higher GDP per capita because Japan has a lower population(I can see the population by size of the circle). They have difference between Japan and India because Japan makes more money but has lower population.

Fertility Rate

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 8.15.45 PM

Total period fertility rate (TPFR) of a population is the average number of children that would be born to a woman over her lifetimeJapan has low fertility rate than India. It related to birth rate because Japan also has lower birth rate. India has higher birth rate because India has bigger population.

Life Expectancy

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 8.23.52 PM

Life Expectancy is the average period that a person may expect to live. Both country has really similar shape of developing. At 1918 influenza was prevalent all over the country, so suddenly life expectancy getting lower.

Development: Development is the overall growth of the indicators in the country. Overall, after observing data for all of these indicators, that Japan are MEDC(More economically developed countries) and India are LEDC (less economically developed countries).


Nobody Knows book review

Have you ever thought about why this book call Nobody Knows? Nobody Knows by Shelley Tanaka, is a story about one family that lived in Tokyo without their mother. Akira has the responsibility to take care of his sisters and brother(Shigeru,Kyoko and Yuki). They have a hard time living because they don’t have money. However, the real story, book and film are all different. I like the genre of this book. This book doesn’t have a theme or I can’t find any theme in this book, because this story is based on real story. When I compared this book to the real story, there are some different points. For example, in this book there are 4 children, but in fact there were 5 children. There are more differences between the book and real story. I think this makes me want to read this book, because if there are only facts that just happened, it might be boring and author can’t make this a long story. When I read this book I can understand it and I can feel it more easlly because the author used third person to narrate the story, so I feel like, I was there and I see what’s going on.

This book is about one family that lived in Tokyo without their mother, book called Nobody Knows. The book title answered my question, my question is why did their mom leave them alone? The answer is Nobody Knows. I think you guys like this book!

 Thank you for  reading!

Buddhism meditation

In humanities, we have been learning about religions and how they affected the world. Then we had to do a presentation about a religion that I choice. I chose to do Buddhism with a partner(Ayano). Then we have buddhism meditation.

Camera Roll-236

What did you learn during the day?

We learnt about the meaning of life in Buddhists and rules they must follow. Like we learnt how to do meditation and bit history of buddhism.

What did you enjoy or find difficult?

I enjoyed was the meditation and Sutra(Buddhists write) because if makes me relax and I don’t have to think about anything when I doing meditation(few minutes) and the time past very fast.

What was the purpose of the meditation and the sutra copying?

I think the purpose of the meditation was to relaxing our mines and stop working for a minutes.

What impact does Buddhism have on our lives and the lives of people who live in Japan?

It can make people relax and calm. Most of Japanese people is calm and caring each other. I think meditation impacts  Buddhism  life because ,meditating is how they controlled they feeling. They feel calm, thinking deeply.They are free of negative feelings like anger or fear.


Multiple Intelligence Test

I agree because I’m good at remember things visually and I enjoy drawing. Also I like to play instruments and listening music.

Spatial: You remember things visually, including exact sizes and shapes of objects. You like posters, charts, and graphics. You like any kind of visual clues. You enjoy drawing. Effective techniques of enhancing your learning using your spatial intelligence include creating and/or using pictures, maps, diagrams, and graphs as you learn things. Other suggestions:

  • Write a language experience story and then illustrate it.
  • Color code words so each syllable is a different color.
  • Write a word on the blackboard with a wet finger. Visualize the word as it disappears. See if you can spell it afterwards.
  • Take a survey. Put the information in a chart.
  • Write words vertically.
  • Cut out words from a magazine and use them in a letter.
  • Visualize spelling words.
  • Use colorful newspapers like USA Today.
  • Use crossword puzzles.

Self: You have a very good sense of self. You like to spend time by yourself and think things over. You will often take in information from another person, mull it over by yourself, and come back to that person later to discuss it. You like working on projects on your own. You often prefer to learn by trial and error. Effective techniques to enhance your learning include keeping a journal and giving yourself time to reflect on new ideas and information. More ideas:

  • Go on “guided imagery” tours.
  • Set aside time to reflect on new ideas and information.
  • Encourage journal writing.
  • Work on the computer.
  • Practice breathing for relaxation.
  • Use brainstorming methods before reading.
  • Listen to and read “how to” tapes and books.
  • Read cookbooks.

Musical: You like the rhythm and sound of language. You like poems, songs, and jingles. You enjoy humming or singing along with music. You probably remember things well when they are associated with music or rhythm. Try to incorporate sounds into your lessons, such as using a familiar tune, song, or rap beat to teach spelling rules, or to remember words in a series for a test. Here are some other ways to use your musical intelligence:

  • Create a poem with an emphasis on certain sounds for pronunciation.
  • Clap out or walk out the sounds of syllables.
  • Read together (choral reading) to work on fluency and intonation.
  • Read a story with great emotion — sad, then happy, then angry. Talk about what changes — is it only tone?
  • Work with words that sound like what they mean (onomatopoeia). For example: sizzle, cuckoo, smash.
  • Read lyrics to music.
  • Use music as background while reviewing and for helping to remember new material.
  • Use rhymes to remember spelling rules, i.e., “I before E except after C.”