The Story Of Yokohana

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My main question was “What kind of What kind of benefits were there for having a sea near Yokohama?“. I’m choose this question because Yokohama is near to see Yokohama and lot some foreigner ware living in Yokohama. So I’m research about Yokohama, Matthew PerryRed Brick Warehouse, Chinatown, Hotel New Grand and Trading. Yokohama was a small fishing village, when sea port opened, having little contact with foreigners, it was Perry. Then Yokohama started trading with other country. The sea allowed Yokohama to trade with other countries, and Yokohama became international because it was able to exchange products. Specially many Chinese were came to Yokohama, so they started build Chinese school, community center, Those building represent beginning of the Chinatown. Grand Hotel was same as chinatown many foreigners came to Yokohama, then they when to the Grand Hotel because close to sea port so easy to go back to they home country.

what does happen when one country controls another?

In humanities we have first group project I was in a group with Ashley. We need to answer this question it was ” What Happens When One Country Attempts to Control Another?“.

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we need to answer the question me and Ashley think was They both affect each country. Like laws, religion, education, TV, afternoon tea, cars,languages,food so we are research like this…

how did England…


Democratic system instead of communist


introduction to christianity


Their education is based on the british system not the chinese.


their news are state owned so that they can’t take sides like the BBC in england

afternoon tea

during afternoon tea restaurants will normally serve earl grey tea with buttered scones just like the british.


they drive on the left side and the driver is on the right

How did the HongKong affected the England……


7% of residents in the uk are either chinese or british chinese


the hongkong port provided easy access

Armed forces (navy)

having a base affected their ability to conquer nearby countries in that part of asia


The people from hong kong and China started a little town in which the Chinese people can get local food… chain stores also began because of that


The 2 main chinese language is mandarin from china and Cantonese, the slang language.