Q) Companies will do well in the short run and/or the long run and another that may fall in the short run and/or the long run and give reasons for your choices. What may have influenced the increase or decrease in the price of each stock


I think LG(066570.KS) is going to do well in the short run because the stock is keep increasing by unveiling new devices. They will do well because recently (Feb 22), ‘The G5’s unveiling has helped push LG shares up 3 percent'(1) and it still affect LG positively. In long run they also going to do well because they lost money from its mobile business last years, however between July to August they are keep increasing (trend from the last 6 month) so they will do well in the long run. They did this by ‘replace or upgrade functions such as camera and audio independently'(2).




I think Starbucks (SBUX.SW) is going to do well in the short run but not in the long run for a while because I think weather affect a lot. Middle of  September when the weather gets cold stock started to increasing but from now the weather is going to get warm so it’s going to do well in the short run(about a week to two weeks) however from the December the trend is decreasing.

The Effect of Music on Memory

Today in I&S class we did an experiment to how does music effect on memory. To test this experiment we had 4 lists of 13 random words and chose 4 types of music. We had silence, the Beatles, Guns&Roses and Let it go.

Before we started this experiment I predicted that the class was going to have the highest average score in silence because we can concentrate more than with the music or noise, so worst was going be Guns&Roses.

I hypothesis was right on highest score. However, the result was different because Beatles song ended up with the lowest score. The reason is because it was the first time we played the music and tried to memorize the word, we weren’t used to it.

Nature vs Nurture

Scientists have been a continuous debate on either our genetics or how we were nurtured (nature vs nurture) had more of an effect on us today. Most of the research has been done on identical twins because they have similar DNA, that can support their arguments and easy to see the difference or similarity between them.

Which is a greater influence on who we are, our genetic make up or our surroundings?

NATURE: In Edinburgh University support nature side, they researched 800 sets of identical and non-identical twins to learn whether genetics or environment had a greater effect on how successful people are in life. 800 sets of identical and non-identical twins to learn whether genetics or upbringing has a greater effect on how successful people are in life. They asked a series of question “Are you influenced by people with strong opinions?”. Applying their answers, researchers could assess and categorize different personality traits for each person. Researchers found that identical twins were twice as likely as non-identical twins to share the same personality traits, it shows that their DNA was having the greatest impact.

NURTURE: Lot of scientists and psychologists did lot of experiments, like identical or non-identical twins test or experiments on animal. If environment didn’t impact on us, then identical twins should be exactly the same in all result and outcomes but a number of studies show that they are never EXACTLY same. It is hard to say which on has a bigger impact on us, but personally I believe that nurture has a bigger impact. I think nurture has a bigger impact because I can see the difference between my mother and her sister. They are identical twins, but they have different talent and way to think (perspective) because they had different nurture and environment. My mother was living in Japan for six years and I can see her personality and perspective changed, it’s easy to see they changes because when we were in Korea and lived close, they had same personality and perspective.


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