PE:Dance unit

In P.E we did a unit on dance(song; Can’t Hold Us) with Ayano.

We were assessed Criteria B, Criteria C andCriteria D.

Ms.Hamada said: … Your movements were strong but could show more extension and energy
My mom said: Oh…Okay good…What you are good at dance?

how this feedback will be of use for our next dance unit?

I think next time I need to improve Criteria C(Performance) I got low score then other criteria; When I read my feedback, I can see one improvement it is said “~~show more extension and energy.” so next time I try to use more movement, more energetically.

Cross Country

During the running I has been make self mind control as a self talking. In side of mind I appreciate to me you can d, more little bit more.

If result is 18 minute will be more, if 17 min is best for me. Like this self cheer things should be bring good result, was I belived it.

Hope that result is self best for me ln actual cross contury day …