Ueno Zoo

On April 23rd, G6 went to theUeno Zoo. we went on the train

what we did

First Science teachers give to the paper and then we are check the group, my group was Satono, Ayana, Deven and Kent. And we are chosen the one animals, I’m choose the Zebra. Then were about 5 question to answer.

we visited the zebra, kangaroo, flamingo, gibbons and gorilla.

My animals’ environment  looked like man made. Had tree but there weren’t any branches, so I saw red dirt and I can’t saw anything water just saw grass. there other animal together.

looks like tired because less movement and just had been sitting.

If you were an animal at the zoo, do you think you would be happy living there?  No, because I saw so I think I know, limited space make feel cramped.

I think make bigger place and make simmer the Africa. and give to the grassland or grass and water.

Science: Cells & Pollination Reflection

two different types is ‘PLANT CELLS’ and ‘ANIMAL CELLS’.

↳Plant cells

↳Animal cells



↳Male pine cone
↳Female pine cone
pollinate- pollination, the pollens on the wind.


Falling Seeds, Flower crop, Flower Drawing, Cell comparisons etc. learned….



According to the length of the wing falling speed…

Science: A Little Bit About Matter

Solid: constant shape and volume of material that is not easily deformed state.
Had a constant volume: liquid, but did not have some form of substance.
Gas: did not have a regular shape, by volume changes in temperature and pressure.


The best thing to distinguish between solid, liquid, gas, intermolecular array. Solid, as you know, very strong people are free solid rather than liquid molecules are tied together still tied. Gas freely move around very little intermolecular attraction. Commonly solid, liquid eye can see, but we should be able to see the gas. And another thing is a solid or liquid phase is not affected by temperature and pressure, but the gas maven.

Change of state
Solid-liquid (fusion) liquid-solid (coagulation) liquid-gas (vaporization) of gas -> solid-liquid (liquefied) gas (sublimation) solid -> gas (sublimation)

Fusion to change a solid to a liquid.   ex), heat the butter melts.

Solid changing to gas is sublimation.  ex) by placing the dry ice disappears. Naphthalene hang vanishes.

Liquid turns into a solid clot. Hardens   ex) the melted chocolate and place it in the refrigerator.

Vaporizing the liquid to turn into a gas.   ex) Laundry dries.
Liquefied gas turns into liquid.   ex) look out the window at dawn dew maethyeo.

Sublimated gas turns into a solid.  ex) a cold day outside, Surrey.