my tutorial

bast skill – clear voice because I’m adjust the music volume so you can hear my voice and small music.

bad skill – language because I’m use the Korean so only understand the Korean people then I don’t use English subtitles so vary bed.

Please do this!



Satono has good tutorial skill, she use the clear voice and I think little bit Step-by-Step, but I think she can use zoom in.


 Susanna has good tutorial, she use tips & strategies and Introduction, I think she can say “~~ dangerous”,

tutorial skill!

Tutorial Plan Reflect

Step-by-Step : I make the Storyboard

Simple Instructions : My tutorial is simple and Uses the easiest explanation for each step.

if possible I will use the zoom in, out.


I think my tutorial is follow the easy(if possible)

I need to learn how to use the iMove.

Click here! you can see the different skill!

Tutorial Investigate Reflection!

I looked at, was Grace Blog,I learned to the drawing the Owl. after watching the video I learned the drawing the Owl  Ayaka Blog,I learned  “How to write words in bubble letter” Lisa Blog.I learned volleyball(serve) I learned the serve, serve has two types.

I think good tutorial is using the zoom in or out, step-by-step, simple instructions, subtitles, details and simple etc…because If it is lot difficult video is not watching, we are not use the zoom in or out, we can’t see the smaller ones.

COMPARE AND CONTRAST!(my tutorial and my favorite tutorial)

tutorial research

My favorite tutorial and my tutorial is lot differ.

My tutorial…

  • Zoom in and Zoom out.
  • Simple Instructions.
  • Step-by-Step
  • Visible
  • Finished Product
  • Safety

My favorite tutorial…

  • Clear Voice
  • Tips & Strategies
  • Video
  • Simple Instructions
  • Step-by-Step
  • Planned
  • Details
  • Introduction
  • Safety

Create Reflect

I think my blog design/theme is not happy because almost no change.

If there is a change only increased Detailed.


Look at the picture where the ‘school’ by placing the mouse will show a grade.

‘Grade 6’ by placing the mouse on the subject is this sort of subjects that interest can be found by clicking.


I lick a design because a very simple, but it is not complex.

Grade 6 Technology – Plan Reflection


I painted for the mission to be successful in any way, you can design on my blog if you will whether to draw three. Simple-and nostalgic favorite and now I use a bag are using …..




To draw three kinds of simply because I like the simple things of them painted. Picked favorite photo below is ……. ↓ ↓ ↓

(Click here to View)


The reason for this is selected, you can see more easily how to use the simple expression.

And may not be visible as pale as the background color, but the painting I wanted to give more points to is …..






The photo below was written plan to maintain my blog (?) ….

(Click here to view)

I know how to create and maintain a good blog is going to be a good blog while I do my blog in a good direction for activities to keep the lead out shouting seems to be having a good time ….

Technology – Tech Reflection

In Tech Class during this 4 week, I have worked on 2 things. Blog brainstorm, and Learning about WordPress. Those were important to makes a good blog. What I learned from this unit is to know what to post, and how we could grab people’s interesting.

We learned those 2 important things, so we can create a really good blog with good entertainment, good design and good organized.

Important to me, design, entertainment and the organization.   No pictures in the background that are not simple black letters only If the interested I do not go out like this.   And not only do loads boring if the do the entertainment, music, photos and videos by using interesting it would be great. By the organization, Next time I again find and use, many people easy to see at a glance, think are important.

Entertainment: add music, photo and video as proper. // Design: good font, text color and size, back ground picture. // Organized:  divide category, subject and date ordering. 

Entertainment:I made using the pictures of food

Design:Things that are important characters change color

Organized:Topics cleanup cooking by.

Conclusion, the good blog is not only text, including photo, video and music are better. also summarized blog can catch people’s interesting and provide knowledge, and good design also can help those.