Tutor: Goals for this semester

According to last year’s report, my strength is how I was working with the group. I didn’t lead the group, but I was a good follower and if I need to lead at some part I try my best to combine  other’s idea and my idea. However, I need to improve my reflection skills. Also to be more courageous.

  1. Read more books to improve my English, I think this is important and fastest way to improve my English.
  2. Do my homework on time. Last year, I didn’t organize myself that much so I need to improve my organizing skills to make my works better.
  3. Shere my opinion. I need to be more confidence and work more hard in class.


Tutor : First week of HS

In frist week of the High School I was half excited and half worried about my high school life. I was excited about meeting new student and meeting a new teacher. Also, I was really excited about the Art classes because we can focus on one art(Art or Music or Drama). I choose Art, and we have art fo 2-3 times in a week. That means you can focus on your work and you have more time to work on at the school. I think that is really good and I really excited about because you can ask for feedback to other, especially teacher.

There were some low points on my high school life so far. It was difficult to get used to new high school system, like each subject has a different member of students. I also felt some presser and realised how different from middle school and high school is because teacher gets higher expectations at my work.

Another important thing is homework. This year, I like to make my homework notebook and don’t leave it to the last minutes.

Living and working and community creates opportunities and challenges

I think this year field studies was very fun!

when? September 30 to October 4

where? North-star(Nagano)

who? Grade 7 Ms.Madrid,Mr.fedley,Mr.Thomas,Ms.Cox

I learn so much!

“Living and working and community creates opportunities and challenges”

living – I think I did well because people respect to be other Ex : we are share the food or some stuff use together we say “thank you” and we think about others feel and think more

working & community – we work together and make a group so we can make more strong friendship and if I get the hard work my group or friend was help whit me so I can work to more easily and I like group work because we need to more talk about so I need to  speak more so help the my English better.

creates opportunities and challenges – I had a lot of challenges like last day of the field study we had small activity maybe I’m lead my group it was challenging for me!

if you want to see more photo Click here and here!


Last day of retune to home, we ware finished most activity and play the quizzes and games.

When we play the drama, I had charge narration.

When is wrote playbook I didn’t know every things but thru the several time rehearsal I got confidence.

The below photography is our scenery of dreams play.


We couldn’t got good score because of there are some conflict for opinion, but it very good time for became understood for unknown things.

My favorite activity

The HAKUBA activity was close to all funny thing not special just one thing.

The Rock climbing was fun but got painful of arm in next day.  When I did I cannot feel painful of lag because of my arm was more painful. We did play the game on almost finished time.





After arrived at HAKUBA, Listening to the description and schedule and then pitched the tent. After we did a few activities. Next was Campfire created after eating the spaghetti and hot chocolate drinking and then songs and quizzes. The next day activity was mountain biking and canoeing. Riding hot springs appliances to move 4-5 o’clock Bob came out while there was seemed to really being in the evening to go rock climbing. below pictures are my HAKUBA memories.



The next day I took a shower and was 12-13 m height was told that I own.end because there galjul did not even think … the mountain will continue to walk it was a little rough, but it was a good camp.