GCD reflection – global understanding

In Geography course, We develop an understanding of the population change and human trafficking on a global scale. Through several case studies and class lectures, I was able to link with my experiences to the changing population in place I currently live in, Japan.

In the first subunit, I learned about the factors that control the distribution of the population. the factors that affect the distribution of population are climate factor, policies, accessibility of resources and etc. I was able to learn about how there is uneven distribution of population different countries, regardless of how much it develops, including, Canada, China, Japan, and S.Africa. In these countries, the population is distributed unevenly due to people in working-age migrating for work to cities in the country. The rapid increase in industrialization and urbanization has decreased the importance of traditional jobs (fisherman and farmers). As the numbers of traditional jobs decrease, most of the jobs are located in urban area, for example, Japan, therefore population are concentrated in the urban areas. Which results in an ageing population in the rural areas, as younger people move near the urban area. I have seen this when I visited Izu as expedition; Izu is one of the rural areas in Japam. In there, I saw a small building and restaurants(mostly traditional Japanese food), as well as local grocery stores. The people I saw there were mostly elderly, and few younger people who lived with the grandparents.

Additionally, the rate of external migration is rapidly increasing within the past few years, since due to better jobs condition and environment in high-income countries(HICs). As from my own experience, nowadays it is not rare to see foreigner working in other countries. For example, there is an increase in number where people from middle-income countries or low-income countries working as nannies in Japan, for loge period of times. As they are looking for the better environment and order to find jobs. However, there are a lot of problems regarding external migration; some case migrants are subjected to human tracking. In case if they lack knowledge in their destination or don’t understand the languages, then it is more easily tricked by the traffickers. Some women are likely to be sexually trafficked, such as forced to marry men. Most of the time, the traffickers confiscate migrants’ identity documents or passports, so they cannot return to their own country. A non-governmental organization in Japan, Lighthouse visited our school, also as part of my I&S project, I interviewed one person from Lighthouse, and she highlights how human trafficking is an on-going issue in many countries.

Through these experiences, I learned how there are large disparity between peoples’ life in different regions of the world/countries, in terms of lifestyle and opportunities for job, leading to unequal distribution of population due to internal and external migration. Then how it relates or leads to another issue, such as ageing population on a specific region or human trafficking.





Starting your own business

The first I&S project was that we need to design our own product and make a video to investors. We decided to make a product that customer can design their own backpack.

Idea of my group was company call DyB is a small company that lets customers design their own backpack. DyB will be an online service where you can select the parts you want and we will fit them together to make the perfect bag for customers. The prize of each individual part will be shown when you select it so you have an overall view of how much the end product will cost. However the current overall prize will be viewable on your screen whilst you are still designing the bag. To make sure you know what the bag will look like when all the parts are put together there will be a sample bag that will change and adapt to your selections. To make the decisions easier for you suggestions for you linked on the page

The website will let you pick each part of your own backpack and you can design your own. You can add features like paper organizer, protection cases, portable chargers that fixed on the bag, pockets for your phone or train pass and pan. also it has space for snack box. You can chose if you need pockets on the side for water bottle. Also you can choose color and different designs.

We would need 40-50 people. 5-10 truck drivers, 10-20 managers, 10-15 mechanics, 7-10 forklift drivers.

Product will be available to everyone and it will be as cheap as we can make it. An approximation of the price of one bag would be 150 US $ but it would obviously change the price by what features you choose.

We will need quite a bit of money to start the company. 50,000 US$ would probably be enough for the beginning and then we could see how much profit we make off of this. Later on, we can decide if we need sponsors or if we already make enough profit.

Why do people view history differently and why does it matter that they do?

Why do people view history differently and why does it matter that they do?

People see history differently because people have different perspectives and grew up in different environment. So if people pass the same period and saw same history or events, but they remembered in different way, because they have different perspective.

One example is different religions. It is because they grew up in different environment, mostly family influenced and family. Some time this is matter because they have small fight between different religions because different religions have different beliefs and rules, also different perspective on one event or stuff.

I realize that when I was interviewed, people has different perspective and view history differently. I think it depend on how does that event affect that person or how they felt, also how many time they hard about that events. For example, my parent was lived in Korea beginning of economic crisis but Korean news or article didn’t showed information in detail way, also my parent was moved to Japan so it didn’t affect to them too much, so they don’t have detail information than other Koran people.

Dare To Be Different

Responding to ‘about a boy’ by Nick Hornby


I’m a single father

I have a two-year-old son


I couldn’t believe it

I’m was too young

too stupid, too careless

too selfish, I’m stop thinking


I have a single father

I’m a two-year-old son


I believe it

He was too intelligent

too old, too careful

too cool

This is a found poem from the book “about a boy” by Nick Hornby. I used the pages10-11 to write this poem. I used beginning of this book to write this poem because I just start this book and beginning of this book shows what kind of single father is.

Field Studies



















I learned, if I be risk-taker, mostly I can do everything.I learned this by during field studies, especially canyoning.  I also learn that team work is important to our life. I get out of my comfort zone by doing something new and challenging some thing. I also get out of my comfort zone by not staying at home and school.



In science class, we read an article. I read “Deep-Sea Mud Of Pacific Ocean Abundant In Rare Metals” article about mining rare-earth metals from deep-sea. I learned a lot in this article.

This article is saying, there are lots of rare metals like lanthanum, neodymium, and the metal yttrium in the sea. People need those metals because often we use those elements when we made iPads and Kindles but we should stop mining them because if you keep doing, it will require deep earth mining, it is not good for the ocean.

this is connected to science because it’s about mining rare metals, so they get some sampled, and they give sampled to scientists, they look at the sampled and they describe about that metals. Also they think about how it affects to the world.

This article talks about mining rare metals, it affects the world environmentally and economically because you need to be ready for mining and it take a long time to go get there, so you need to spend money, also it was not good to ocean and nature.

this is good for people because they can get metals easily (because now they know how to find), but it was not good for the planet because when mining people mining it means destroying thing, so it destroying the ocean. I think it is not good because we destroying natural, it was not easy to get back and planet lost their places.

Chan, Juliana. “Deep-Sea Mud Of Pacific Ocean Abundant In Rare Metals.”Asian Scientist Magazine Science Technology and Medicine News Updates From Asia RSS. N.p., 4 July 2011. Web. 21 Sept. 2014. <http://www.asianscientist.com/in-the-lab/deap-sea-mud-pacific-ocean-abundant-rare-metals/>.


iPad feedback

Advice for G7 students when using an iPad:

Haiku deck

Use the apps inside iPads in a very creative way and try to use your iPad and computer balanced. Coach’s eyes, it’s very useful for analysing a thing about P.E(baseball). Haiku deck, It’s a good presentation app. It was easy to get pictures from CC, because Haiku deck is connect to CC. Also it was easy to present because you can see script and pictures at the same time.

Advice for parents on what should parents know about the iPads:

iPad is a useful, helping students to take pictures or do other things that you cannot do that in the computer. Having both devices will make more easy to do the homework. But maybe your child play game by using a iPad, so you need to focus on that.

Advice for the teachers on what should teachers know about the iPads:

iPads could be use for most of the projects. If you make the students use two devices in one project, it will make the students have more apps to use and more choices. But some teachers say “You must need to use iPad.” But I think it’s not good for student.

Living and working and community creates opportunities and challenges

I think this year field studies was very fun!

when? September 30 to October 4

where? North-star(Nagano)

who? Grade 7 Ms.Madrid,Mr.fedley,Mr.Thomas,Ms.Cox

I learn so much!

“Living and working and community creates opportunities and challenges”

living – I think I did well because people respect to be other Ex : we are share the food or some stuff use together we say “thank you” and we think about others feel and think more

working & community – we work together and make a group so we can make more strong friendship and if I get the hard work my group or friend was help whit me so I can work to more easily and I like group work because we need to more talk about so I need to  speak more so help the my English better.

creates opportunities and challenges – I had a lot of challenges like last day of the field study we had small activity maybe I’m lead my group it was challenging for me!

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