Media literacy


The assignment that I think that approached this media literacy is the ad making and screencast. I did for analysing and comparing poem and ads that I choose to show what I understand and lean at that unit. I need to show what does different kind of writing give us a different feeling and how that works or effective.

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Individuals & Societies

I have done well on this infographic and map task where we have to use our researching and understanding skill to make inequality in different country and how does globalisation affect Yokohama. I did the lot of research on infographic to make simple and clear poster by doing research, show it on one page. On map thing I need to use my understanding skill to write a last part of task.

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In design class, we are doing survival fashion to create clothes that are protecting against a threats and disaster that can hurt us. We need to make our own clothes that can protect people, so we need research and plan to make it. My final work was pretty good and did well to organise it.



In PE class we were doing lot of collaboration and communication activity and task. Now we need to work with as the group to create a game that we can play. In that part My IP goal is be open-minded and I think I’m doing that well. Why I thought it was important and has a connection between collaboration was, if you are not open-minded you can’t collaborate and work with other.


What I found was, when we were in science class sometime we were doing collaboration work, like making poster, collecting data and some experiment. I think I’m pretty good at collaboration in science class because is not uncomfortable to to work with other and it’s really fun to work with other.




I think I communicate a lot in Japanese class, like when we get on new task or working on our work book. I ask a lot of question and we were sharing our idea or thought a lot with people and table group to complete the task. Also it bring us to make a better results.


I think EAL class is classes that I most talk in class. It’s really good to talk to teacher and friend to get on feedback or lean some thing new, and most useful and effective to me. Because my weakness is talking to people in a group, but in EAL class I did a good communication.

Creative thinking


In art class we are crating and making many different stuff and it’s rally fun to do. Also it has to be use many creativity to writing on the art book because all of my idea is in my art book to make final pieces work.

image2 (1)


In Music class we were making our own song or soundtrack. We start from how does instrument works and how it affect to audience. When we create a new song or soundtrack we really need to think about how does that going to work well and what make it better.


In math class, we did a lot of challenging in many different way. In the first semester, we learnt about probability. Using that probability we need to create a casino game that who’s introducing the game can win and make a Forecast about that game and compare to result that we get in reality.



(improvement) In drama class we were writhing a reflection when we finished each unit and I realize that  I didn’t writ powerful or detail enough reflection. Other subjects too, I didn’t really writ in a detail, so what I need to Improve is to writ a better reflection on each subjects.


  1. Get better at English by reading more book
  2. organize myself more to do something
  3. Think what am I going to do

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