EAL – Minecraft Reflection

During the EAL class, we worked on minecraft for 5 periods. The thing that we needed to do was creating a house as a group, and I worked with Erik and Sho. Our house name was “Escape the house2”, and we decided to build three rooms at house. Those three rooms were bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom and I created a bedroom.

This is a picture that I referred to :

B 11210


1. What was the goal of this project?

-The goal of this project is escaping the house. To escape, player have to find 2 sticks and two diamonds. Those are hidden in 3 rooms, which is bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

2. How did your group divided the work? What was your role?

-Our group decided to build a room for each person. My role was making bedroom, and I had to hide a diamond and a stick.

3. What kind of challenges/obstacles did you face as a member of the group? How did you solve these problems?

-While creating the room, I was a little bit worried because I did not experience minecraft a lot. I thought my room would not be as good as other teammates’ rooms. Therefore, I asked my teammates’ how could I improve my room. By my teammates’ help, I could create my room better and easier.

4. What suggestions did you give? How did your group accept them? How did you handle rejection?

-I gave suggestions to my teammates about changing the colour of my room’s floor to  separate carpet and floor.

5. What can you do differently next time to make things work more smoothly?

-It would be better if we write how to play minecraft for the beginners. Also, it would be better if we make our room bigger.

6. How do you plan to share your minecraft game to other studnets, friends, and adults?

-We already showed our walkthrough to Grade 4 students by visiting their class. Also, our teacher, Ms. Jungnitsch uploaded our walkthrough video to Youtube, so I think people are able to watch video who are interested in minecraft.

This is our walkthrough video. Enjoy!

English Group Presentation – Nobody Knows (Shelley Tanaka)

During the English class, our class read a book and created a presentation as a group. Our group read “Nobody Knows”, and I worked with Megumi, Erik, and Aiden. Nobody knows is a sad story, which is about children who are abandoned by their parents. It was really surprising that this story is based on a real story. After creating a presentation, we needed to present our presentation and there were criteria A, B, and C. To get the highest grade(9-10) at Criterion A(content), we had to show good understanding and give a detailed speech with an effective argument. Also, we had to include quotations which support my points. To get the highest grade at criterion B, we needed to give an organized speech and connect my ideas with my group’s thoughts. Lastly, to get the highest grade at Criterion C, I needed to use nice and accurate vocabulary and do eye contact with the audience while presenting.

Our group had to present one slide for each person, so our group divided our job. Erik talked about characters, Aiden talked about perspective, Megumi talked about the real story and I presented about the messages that this book is giving.

Here is our group’s presentation :

I thought this book tells us that we need to be nice to our parents. This is because in this book, Akira and his siblings faced lots of hard situations because their mom left them and never came back. Secondly, I also thought that this book tells that we need to help poor neighborhoods. This is because Akira’s family could not send children to school because they did not have enough money. However, a kind girl, whose name is Saki, helps them, so that they could know how it feels to be cared by someone. Lastly, it is fiction over fact, because this book gave me an opportunity to empathize characters’ feelings. Therefore, I thought fictions convey feelings that facts cannot.

site_28_rand_1965387215_nobody_knows_maxed-1igh8sl (1)


Math – Box and whisker diagrams

During the math class, we worked on “Box and whisker diagrams”. The task that we needed to do was choosing two cities and comparing temperatures. For the cities, I chose Tokyo and Sydney. I chose January, June, and December for the months and I worked in fahrenheit.

These are the screenshot of Tokyo and Sydney :

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 8.51.13 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 12.38.42 PMFor the January, Sydney’s min was 31.8 fahrenheit higher than Tokyo’s min, which is 65.6-33.8=31.8. Also, Sydney’s max was 31 fahrenheit higher than the Tokyo’s max, which is 66.9-35.9=31. Secondly, their medians were different, which is the middle date of the month(16). Sydney’s median was 32.3 fahrenheit higher, which is 66.4-34.1 = 32.3.

For the June, also Sydney’s min was 11.9 fahrenheit higher than Tokyo’s min, which is 47.8-35.9 = 11.9. However, Sydney’s max was lower than Tokyo because Sydney’s max is 51, and Tokyo’s max is 68.9. Therefore, I can know that Tokyo’s max is 17.9 fahrenheit higher than Sydney (68.9-51 = 17.9). Secondly for the medians, Tokyo’s median was higher than Sydney, which is 65.6-49.25 = 16.35

Lastly, for the december, Sydney’s min was 28.2 fahrenheit higher than Tokyo, which is 62.7-34.5 = 28.2. Also for max, Sydney was 23.6 fahrenheit higher than Tokyo, which is 66.6-43 = 23.6. For the medians, also Sydney was 26.15 fahrenheit higher than Tokyo, which is 64.7-38.55 = 26.15.

Technology – Minecraft Reflection

During technology class, we did minecraft for 12 weeks. Our unit was “fair game”, and we created a theme park as a group. There were four people in each group, and everyone had a role, which was leader, peace maker, creative person, or a follower.  I worked with Emily, Noel, and Jinho and our theme was “underwater”.

1. Use your product test to access your product / solution

Firstly, I think our group did pretty well for the theme, because we had lots of sea colours such as light blue and dark blue. Before making the underwater, we wrote colors to be the “essential” part. Secondly, we did not have any farm animals, as we said we “must not” include them. Third, I think our group did well on controlling the size of the structure.

Also, our group did pretty well for general work. We included lots of water, so visitors will be able to feel they are underwater. We also marked this as “essential”. However, I think our group have several things to improve. This is because it was good that we included lots of water, but there were lots of water in the corner(sides) that can make the visitors lose their ways.

Third, for the function, I think our group’s theme park(underwater) gives a unique and interesting feeling to creators, so our theme park will also attract other visitors. Also, in our theme park, people are able to walk and run faster. Therefore, functions work pretty well.

Fourthly, for the quality, our group divided our job equally, so everyone could build their structure well. Therefore, we did not make one person to do all the work, but there were still some members who spent more time than others.

Lastly, for the Aesthetics, I think it was the best one that we did on product / solution. This is because, our park attracts people with interesting colours and shapes as we wrote at “essential”. Also, our park gives a mysterious feeling, so it makes people wonder what is going to happen next. Lastly, our park has lots of colours so it is not colorless or boring as we wrote at “must not”.

2. How could your product/solution be improved?

First, for the theme, we used lots of different and colourful blocks, to include lots of colours such as blue, light blue, and white. Second, to control the size of our theme park, we divided our space equally. Therefore, our group’s structures are not too big, but not too small. However, there are still things to improve. It is our group did not have any sea animals.

Second, for the general, we included lots of water blocks to allow visitors to see water. For my water slide, I made water to flow. Also, our group included water block on the sides, to make visitors able to see water. Our group included glowing blocks to add brightness. However, I think we should include more glowing blocks, because our theme park looks a little bit dark.

Third, for the function, our group built speed “command blocks”, so it made people to walk and run faster. Also, our theme park gives a unique feeling by colourful colours and interesting shapes.

Fourthly, for the quality, we could finish our own structure by lots of time and efforts. We worked at home if we could not finish our structure during the class. Therefore, everyone could finish their own structure really well. I felt really proud when our group theme park was completed by our efforts.

Lastly, for the Aesthetics, our theme park looks attractive, because we included unique shapes and colourful blocks, as we wrote at “essential”. It gives a mysterious feeling because it was located underwater. Therefore, I think we could improve aesthetics by unique structures.

3. Design Cycle


In this unit, we started with investigation, which is the very beginning of the process. For investigation, we started with “small group discussion”. During the small group discussion, we discussed several things, such as pros and cons of working alone and collaboratively, our responsibilities, and differences between online and offline cooperation. Secondly, we talked about minecraft and discussed how to use minecraft. Next, we chose a theme by drawing lots(straws), and our group’s theme was underwater. We brainstormed things that are related to underwater, and everyone could chose a structure that we were going to build. I chose water slide, because I thought it would be interesting if water slide would be placed underwater. Third, our group looked for reference images and videos, and got ideas from those resources. After looking for resources, I determined to build water slide with a steep slope, to make water flow easily. After that, we moved to “design specifications”. We wrote the things that we must do, the things that we have to do, the things that we must not do. I think I did pretty well on investigation, because I looked many reference images, which helped me to build water slide more easily. Also, I tried to listen to our teammates’ opinions, but I think I should have given more ideas and stated my opinion to improve the investigation.


For design, each group drew three maps. Emily and I created one map together, Jinho drew his map individually, and also Noel drew the map by himself. After that, our group discussed about pros and cons of each map, and we could finally choose the final map after a long discussion. For our final map, we chose to make four structures to be located in every corner. Also, our group said, we are going to make people to move without transportation. Instead of transportation, our group said we are going to put command block, which can make people to run and walk much faster. I think the thing that I could improve was details for the map, because the map could not fully show the design of the maze to other people.


During the plan cycle, we wrote every step, description(role), resource needed, and time needed for our structure. After writing this, we got feedbacks by different people such as the things that I need to improve on plan. After getting feedbacks, we fixed our plan with more detailed. The thing that I need to improve on my plan was making it more specific. It is because, my first plan did not have enough details. Therefore, it seemed that it would not be able to follow steps well. Therefore, with the feedbacks, I fixed my plan in more specific way, and this plan made me easier to create the water slide.


Finally, after finishing investigation, design, and plan, we started to create our theme park. To begin with, Noel dug a big hole to make spaces to build. Secondly, we started to build our structure, and wrote what we accomplished today. While creating my water slide, I changed the plan a little bit, because I could not plan to make an entrance before. It was challenging because I was not really good at using minecraft. However, I asked my group members, and they helped me a lot.  With their help, I could improve my water slide. I think I have several things to improve on my water slide. First of all, I should have made the entrance more interesting, so it will attract more people. Second, I think I should have made a longer slope because my water slide looks a little short and small.

This is a link of video. Enjoy! Watch from 1:20 ~ 2:10: http://youtu.be/GnrqkERP4wk

Japanese music

1. Japanese music

During the music class, we learned about Asian music. Our unit question was “What makes music sound like it belongs to a particular part of the music?”. One of the activities that we need to do was creating own Japanese music. The song had to be 16 measures, using two Japanese techniques, and using pentatonic scale.

I used insen for pentatonic scale, which is C, D♭, F, G, B♭, and C. For the Japanese techniques, there are several techniques such as Shan, Kororin, Sha sha, Ato Oshi, and we had to choose 2 techniques from them. I used Shan and Kororin. Shan is a technique when  two notes are played together, and Kororin is when notes are played in different rhythms.

For me, it was a little bit difficult to create Japanese music, because I was not used to create a song with the Japanese techniques. However, finally I could finish this after lots of thoughts and trials.

This is link of my Japanese music. Please enjoy ! : Japanese music 2

2. Comparing Chinese, Japanese, and western music

The second activity that we need to do was writing several paragraphs of the differences and similarities between western, Japanese, and Chinese music instruments. After listening those music, I could realize that there are several differences and similarities.

First of all, for the differences, I could realize that Chinese music has more trembling sound than western music and Japanese. The second thing that I notice was Japanese and Chinese music has different techniques. In western music, there were more variety of techniques, such as staccato. The last thing that I notice was Japanese, Chinese, and western music use different instruments to play music, and those instruments has different number of strings. For the similarities, I knew that some of the Chinese and Japanese instruments are made by bamboos.

효녀심청 – Sim Cheong

Korean Traditional Story – Sim Cheong (summarizing story)

  •  Once upon a time, there was Sim Cheong who was a caring daughter,
  •  After she lost her mom when she was young, she lived with her blind father.
  • One day, she heard that her father would be able to get his sight back if they offer 300 bags of rice.
  • His father promised to offer 300 bags of rice.
  • However, Sim Cheong and her father were poor, so they could not afford to offer the rice.
  • Sim Choeng sacrificed herself to make her father able to see.
  • Sim Choeng fell into the water(sea).
  • Sim Choeng thought she was going to die, but she was found by the king of the sea and she could stay in his palace.
  • One day, the king heard Sim Choeng’s story that she is really sad because of her father who is living on his own.
  • The king was moved by Sim Choeng’s kindness, so he sent Sim Choeng to go back to land by lotus to meet her father.
  • When she arrived on land, a prince asked her to marry as Sim Choeng was very beautiful and kind.
  • Sim Choeng lived with her husband happily, but she was still sad that she could not find his father.
  • Her husband opened a big party for blind people.
  • Her father was also invited to the party and she could notice him.
  • Suddenly, her father opened his eyes
  • Sim Choeng and her father hugged each other and cried.
  • They lived happily ever after.

Sim ChoengLink of the picture , story

-Theme or Message of story / Why is it a good story? / What type of story?

I think Sim Cheong is a really good story, because this story tells love that parents give. I was moved by Sim Choeng’s kindness when she sacrificed by herself for her father. This story is a Korean “folk tale” and the message of the story is that we should always respect and love our parents.

Child Labor Trial Newspaper

On April 17th, 2014, 7C had a “Child labor trial”. Child labor is hiring of young people to work in factories for a long time for country’s development, or earning money to support their family. There were several teams, and those team were separated into two contradicting opinions;“Child labor is good VS Child labor is bad.” There were 3 teams which agreed with child labor. One of the teams interviewed a factory’s owner, and two teams gave a speech to deliver their opinions clearly. They argued that the reason why they agree with child labor is working in factory can help lots of children for supporting themselves in the future by earning money. Also, they said factories are providing good food, and they are clean. Therefore, child labor can benefit both children and factories.

However, for the teams that disagreed with child labor, they interviewed the people who work in factories. They said, they do not think that they are treated fairly in their factory. This is because they work more than ten hours, and eat only one meal for everyday. Also, they have lots of diseases because of bad environment of factory. Those evidence made the audience easier to empathize children’s feeling.

Everyone in 7C tried really hard to make their team win, but there was no winner. It was a tie. The “Child Labor Trial” was a good opportunity for 7C students to know more about the child labor.

The picture of child labor

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