English Oral Presentation

1. What is the purpose of today’s oral presentations?

-learning more about values:

First, my purpose is “learning more about values”. Last time, I did not know why the values were important in my life, and I never thought about my values. But this time, I thought deeply about my values and I also learned many values from my friends when they were presenting their own values. Then, I thought that values are really important in our life.

-to get used to presenting, even if it is not a school presentation

My second purpose is “to get used to presenting, even if it is not a school presentation”. This time, I learned how to present well. Last time, I was not very confident during my presentation. For example, I did not know how to use a hook and how to use gestures. But this time I learned to grab people’s attention and how to show my ideas more clearly.

2. How well did I communicate?

I tried to speak clearly to show my own values to the audience. I could finish my speech without any problem so I believe I could express my ideas well. But, I think I did not make enough eye contacts with the audience, so I think I have to improve on making eye contacts during presentations. I want to be more confident when making a speech in front of people.

Here is a video of my oral presentation :

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  1. Ms Clifford
    November 26, 2013 at 2:44 am (5 years ago)

    Thank you for your thoughtful reflection Hyojung. It is great to hear you would like to become more confident in speeches – the more speeches we do, the more confident we become. I hope you take the opportunity to present as often as possible, even though it may feel difficult and scary. I enjoyed your presentation and was impressed with your language.


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