December 2013 archive

Technology Digital Storytelling Reflection

1. Reflect on how well your digital story met the essential and desirable specifications you wrote for yourself when you did the peer assessment compared to how well you met these goals after the video was complete.: Before I create my video, my goal was making my video entertaining. First I created my video, and I got feedback from my friends. They saids they liked how I had different experiences along with different music, and background music matched with the scenes and my pace was easy to follow and hear. However, they saids it will be better if I make video more longer and try different effects when the pictures change. After I getting feedback, I add more scenes and tried to use more different effects when the picture change. When I showed my video to the audience, I think they were concentrating at my video. However I think my video was not really entertaining.

2. Reflect on your work during each part of the design cycle and explain areas for improvement with excellent detail and supporting examples. : I think I did pretty well on plan. This is because before I create my digital story, I collected and found the pictures that I am going to use. Also, I drew storyboard to create my video.  However, I think I have to improve design because I brainstormed topic before create my video, but I did not wrote enough details.

3. Respond to the unit question: “How can we use media to communicate our stories?”: I think we can use our laptop to upload my video on the other site such as youtube. I think uploading video on the other sites will be good to communicate our stories because a lot of people can watch my video and show my ideas from video.