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Drama Informative Speech

During Drama class, we did “Informative Speech”. There were four topics that we could choose, and I chose holiday as my speech topic.

1. I think my best skill was “content”. This is because I always stayed on the topic, and I tried to convey a lot of information about Holidays. Also, my speech structure was good because I did in a correct order(introduction-body1-body2-conclusion). First, for ¬†introduction, I briefly explained about what I am going to talk about. Second, for body1 and body2, I talked about my favorite holidays. Most importantly, I gave a lot of ¬†information about Christmas and Chuseok to the audience. Third, for conclusion, I sum up the speech and finished my speech with “Thanks for watching”. Therefore, I think my best skill was “content”.

2. I think I should improve on my modulation and physicality. First, when I think back to the modulation of my speech, I think my speech speed was fast because I was nervous. Second, for the physicality, I think I looked palm card too often since I could not memorize all of my speech. Therefore, I could not use a lot of gestures when I was doing my speech. Next time, I should be more confident with lots of preparation so that I can give my speech more clearly and effectively.

Here is my informative Speech video :

7C Drama: Informative Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.