Journey to Freedom

Have you ever thought about what South Africa has experienced before? During the English class, we learned about South Africa. Our unit question was “What is the relationship between texts and the real world?”. Before answering this question, we watched a movie called “The Power of One”,  read a book called “Journey to Johannesburg”, and wrote a magazine article about Soweto Uprising to get to know about South Africa. Throughout the unit, I learned that South Africa has changed a lot.

One of the most memorable things from the unit is Apartheid.  I learned a lot about Apartheid especially when I was searching for the article, “Time of Fire”. It was a story about Soweto Uprising, and I wrote a short story as the main character named Grace. After being the main character, I learned that lots of people sacrificed themselves for a better and fair education. It was sad that black people lost their own rights during Apartheid, and many people were arrested and even died.

They were not allowed to use same public establishment :


Also, the movie, The Power of One, helped me to understand South African people’s feelings during the period of discrimination. At the beginning of this unit, it was hard to understand how South African people felt because I have never experienced any discrimination. However, after watching this movie, it was much easier for me too deeply understand black people’s feelings because this movie showed Apartheid very realistically. It was really cruel and frightening when lots of people were falling because of shootings from the police. At the end, I was happy when black people finally got freedom.

The Power of One :


The relationship between the texts and the real world is that there are still lots of people who are suffering from malnutrition. In “Journey to Jo’burg”, Dineo was suffering from malnutrition because he could not afford to eat enough food. We really need to help people who are suffering from lack of money, and try to find solutions to help them.

Apartheid is a big incident that will never be forgotten in South Africa. In this unit, the biggest change was my thoughts. Before learning this unit, the only thing that I could think about South Africa was its natural environment. However, now I know what they have experienced and I can even feel their pain. Therefore, this unit was a good opportunity to know how black people in South Africa got freedom.

Here is a video that will help you to know more about Apartheid as South African people’s point of view:

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  1. 19debeauforts
    March 13, 2014 at 1:33 am (5 years ago)

    Hi Hyojung, For English class we had to comment on someones blog post who you don’t often talk to, so yeah I will comment on your blog post now!!!

    A good thing is that you have a video about people’s thoughts during apartheid and you also have pictures so it makes it more interesting! Also you gave enough information.

    Things you maybe can improve on is that: You were talking about Dineo, but some people might not know who Dineo is so you could tell who he is or leave it. Another thing is that: You maybe can tell more about the movie The Power Of One, because now we don’t really know what happens in the movie.

    I think your blog post it very good!!

    • Hyojung
      March 13, 2014 at 9:31 am (5 years ago)

      Thanks for writing comment Sophie!! 🙂


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