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효녀심청 – Sim Cheong

Korean Traditional Story – Sim Cheong (summarizing story)

  •  Once upon a time, there was Sim Cheong who was a caring daughter,
  •  After she lost her mom when she was young, she lived with her blind father.
  • One day, she heard that her father would be able to get his sight back if they offer 300 bags of rice.
  • His father promised to offer 300 bags of rice.
  • However, Sim Cheong and her father were poor, so they could not afford to offer the rice.
  • Sim Choeng sacrificed herself to make her father able to see.
  • Sim Choeng fell into the water(sea).
  • Sim Choeng thought she was going to die, but she was found by the king of the sea and she could stay in his palace.
  • One day, the king heard Sim Choeng’s story that she is really sad because of her father who is living on his own.
  • The king was moved by Sim Choeng’s kindness, so he sent Sim Choeng to go back to land by lotus to meet her father.
  • When she arrived on land, a prince asked her to marry as Sim Choeng was very beautiful and kind.
  • Sim Choeng lived with her husband happily, but she was still sad that she could not find his father.
  • Her husband opened a big party for blind people.
  • Her father was also invited to the party and she could notice him.
  • Suddenly, her father opened his eyes
  • Sim Choeng and her father hugged each other and cried.
  • They lived happily ever after.

Sim ChoengLink of the picture , story

-Theme or Message of story / Why is it a good story? / What type of story?

I think Sim Cheong is a really good story, because this story tells love that parents give. I was moved by Sim Choeng’s kindness when she sacrificed by herself for her father. This story is a Korean “folk tale” and the message of the story is that we should always respect and love our parents.

Child Labor Trial Newspaper

On April 17th, 2014, 7C had a “Child labor trial”. Child labor is hiring of young people to work in factories for a long time for country’s development, or earning money to support their family. There were several teams, and those team were separated into two contradicting opinions;“Child labor is good VS Child labor is bad.” There were 3 teams which agreed with child labor. One of the teams interviewed a factory’s owner, and two teams gave a speech to deliver their opinions clearly. They argued that the reason why they agree with child labor is working in factory can help lots of children for supporting themselves in the future by earning money. Also, they said factories are providing good food, and they are clean. Therefore, child labor can benefit both children and factories.

However, for the teams that disagreed with child labor, they interviewed the people who work in factories. They said, they do not think that they are treated fairly in their factory. This is because they work more than ten hours, and eat only one meal for everyday. Also, they have lots of diseases because of bad environment of factory. Those evidence made the audience easier to empathize children’s feeling.

Everyone in 7C tried really hard to make their team win, but there was no winner. It was a tie. The “Child Labor Trial” was a good opportunity for 7C students to know more about the child labor.

The picture of child labor

Art Line Drawing Reflection

During Grade 7 art class, we worked on line drawing for 11-12 weeks. In this unit, our significant concept was “Line can be used to convey shape, texture and tone.” At the beginning of this unit, we practiced several line techniques such as matching, cross-hatching, random lines, and stippling. Secondly, we drew several things such as ocean waves and clouds using line techniques that we learned before. After that, we chose line drawing, which was drawn by Vincent Van Gogh, and tried to copy his work. Lastly, at the end of the unit, we combined two pictures and we drew that on one piece of paper (A3). I combined a image of a car, and a building in Motomachi, which is nearby my house.

The picture that I used to practice several line techniques :

It was hard to choose the pictures to make a good combination. This is because two pictures should match each other. However, I could not choose the best picture because I think my pictures do not really match each other. Maybe, I think it would be better if I chose the picture that was related to nature instead of modern things.

Here are the pictures that I used to combine (a car, and structure nearby Motomachi):


Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.23.33 PM.png

I used Photoshop to combine those two pictures.

My final composite image :

Before working on final paper(A3), I practiced on a transparent paper. I could see several differences between the first line drawing(transparent paper) and the second one(A3). I found out that I used more at lines for the second line drawing, such as stippling, scumbling, and cross-hatching. Second, I added more clouds, and changed the location of the trees to make my line drawing look better. I think my second line drawing became much better than the first line drawing. However, I want to make more improvements to make it perfect.

First thing that I need to improve is gradations. This is because I tried to use lots of gradation, but it did not express dark part and light part clearly. The second thing that I want to improve is usage of lines. It is because in my drawing, some of the parts look empty. Therefore, I think I should have drawn with more details. Although my final line drawing was not perfect, I think it was a good experience to learn different kinds of line techniques.

The picture that I drew (First one, and second one) :