Math – Box and whisker diagrams

During the math class, we worked on “Box and whisker diagrams”. The task that we needed to do was choosing two cities and comparing temperatures. For the cities, I chose Tokyo and Sydney. I chose January, June, and December for the months and I worked in fahrenheit.

These are the screenshot of Tokyo and Sydney :

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 8.51.13 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 12.38.42 PMFor the January, Sydney’s min was 31.8 fahrenheit higher than Tokyo’s min, which is 65.6-33.8=31.8. Also, Sydney’s max was 31 fahrenheit higher than the Tokyo’s max, which is 66.9-35.9=31. Secondly, their medians were different, which is the middle date of the month(16). Sydney’s median was 32.3 fahrenheit higher, which is 66.4-34.1 = 32.3.

For the June, also Sydney’s min was 11.9 fahrenheit higher than Tokyo’s min, which is 47.8-35.9 = 11.9. However, Sydney’s max was lower than Tokyo because Sydney’s max is 51, and Tokyo’s max is 68.9. Therefore, I can know that Tokyo’s max is 17.9 fahrenheit higher than Sydney (68.9-51 = 17.9). Secondly for the medians, Tokyo’s median was higher than Sydney, which is 65.6-49.25 = 16.35

Lastly, for the december, Sydney’s min was 28.2 fahrenheit higher than Tokyo, which is 62.7-34.5 = 28.2. Also for max, Sydney was 23.6 fahrenheit higher than Tokyo, which is 66.6-43 = 23.6. For the medians, also Sydney was 26.15 fahrenheit higher than Tokyo, which is 64.7-38.55 = 26.15.

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