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EAL – Minecraft Reflection

During the EAL class, we worked on minecraft for 5 periods. The thing that we needed to do was creating a house as a group, and I worked with Erik and Sho. Our house name was “Escape the house2”, and we decided to build three rooms at house. Those three rooms were bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom and I created a bedroom.

This is a picture that I referred to :

B 11210


1. What was the goal of this project?

-The goal of this project is escaping the house. To escape, player have to find 2 sticks and two diamonds. Those are hidden in 3 rooms, which is bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

2. How did your group divided the work? What was your role?

-Our group decided to build a room for each person. My role was making bedroom, and I had to hide a diamond and a stick.

3. What kind of challenges/obstacles did you face as a member of the group? How did you solve these problems?

-While creating the room, I was a little bit worried because I did not experience minecraft a lot. I thought my room would not be as good as other teammates’ rooms. Therefore, I asked my teammates’ how could I improve my room. By my teammates’ help, I could create my room better and easier.

4. What suggestions did you give? How did your group accept them? How did you handle rejection?

-I gave suggestions to my teammates about changing the colour of my room’s floor to ┬áseparate carpet and floor.

5. What can you do differently next time to make things work more smoothly?

-It would be better if we write how to play minecraft for the beginners. Also, it would be better if we make our room bigger.

6. How do you plan to share your minecraft game to other studnets, friends, and adults?

-We already showed our walkthrough to Grade 4 students by visiting their class. Also, our teacher, Ms. Jungnitsch uploaded our walkthrough video to Youtube, so I think people are able to watch video who are interested in minecraft.

This is our walkthrough video. Enjoy!

English Group Presentation – Nobody Knows (Shelley Tanaka)

During the English class, our class read a book and created a presentation as a group. Our group read “Nobody Knows”, and I worked with Megumi, Erik, and Aiden. Nobody knows is a sad story, which is about children who are abandoned by their parents. It was really surprising that this story is based on a real story. After creating a presentation, we needed to present our presentation and there were criteria A, B, and C. To get the highest grade(9-10) at Criterion A(content), we had to show good understanding and give a detailed speech with an effective argument. Also, we had to include quotations which support my points. To get the highest grade at criterion B, we needed to give an organized speech and connect my ideas with my group’s thoughts. Lastly, to get the highest grade at Criterion C, I needed to use nice and accurate vocabulary and do eye contact with the audience while presenting.

Our group had to present one slide for each person, so our group divided our job. Erik talked about characters, Aiden talked about perspective, Megumi talked about the real story and I presented about the messages that this book is giving.

Here is our group’s presentation :

I thought this book tells us that we need to be nice to our parents. This is because in this book, Akira and his siblings faced lots of hard situations because their mom left them and never came back. Secondly, I also thought that this book tells that we need to help poor neighborhoods. This is because Akira’s family could not send children to school because they did not have enough money. However, a kind girl, whose name is Saki, helps them, so that they could know how it feels to be cared by someone. Lastly, it is fiction over fact, because this book gave me an opportunity to empathize characters’ feelings. Therefore, I thought fictions convey feelings that facts cannot.

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