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효녀심청 – Sim Cheong

Korean Traditional Story – Sim Cheong (summarizing story)

  •  Once upon a time, there was Sim Cheong who was a caring daughter,
  •  After she lost her mom when she was young, she lived with her blind father.
  • One day, she heard that her father would be able to get his sight back if they offer 300 bags of rice.
  • His father promised to offer 300 bags of rice.
  • However, Sim Cheong and her father were poor, so they could not afford to offer the rice.
  • Sim Choeng sacrificed herself to make her father able to see.
  • Sim Choeng fell into the water(sea).
  • Sim Choeng thought she was going to die, but she was found by the king of the sea and she could stay in his palace.
  • One day, the king heard Sim Choeng’s story that she is really sad because of her father who is living on his own.
  • The king was moved by Sim Choeng’s kindness, so he sent Sim Choeng to go back to land by lotus to meet her father.
  • When she arrived on land, a prince asked her to marry as Sim Choeng was very beautiful and kind.
  • Sim Choeng lived with her husband happily, but she was still sad that she could not find his father.
  • Her husband opened a big party for blind people.
  • Her father was also invited to the party and she could notice him.
  • Suddenly, her father opened his eyes
  • Sim Choeng and her father hugged each other and cried.
  • They lived happily ever after.

Sim ChoengLink of the picture , story

-Theme or Message of story / Why is it a good story? / What type of story?

I think Sim Cheong is a really good story, because this story tells love that parents give. I was moved by Sim Choeng’s kindness when she sacrificed by herself for her father. This story is a Korean “folk tale” and the message of the story is that we should always respect and love our parents.

Drama : DIY TV Program Reflection

During drama class, our class did “DIY TV Program”. I worked with Mayuho, and our topic was “making an origami frog”. Our target audience was age 8 to 10.

I think my best skill was considering steps taken, energy, and jargon, and trivia. This is because Mayuho and I tried to clearly organize the idea first, then we explained making an origami frog step by step. Also, I think equipment and resources were also good, because we brought origami to the class and made our DIY TV Program much better by showing every step in front of the audience. Lastly, we could show confidence and energy because we memorized most of the script before presenting. I tried not to be nervous even though I made a little bit of mistake.

2. I think I should improve on “time order”. While explaining making an origami frog, it took some time to show and explain at the same time. Therefore, for some parts, it took longer than it had to be. I think it made the audience a little bored because they had to wait until we finished preparing and folding. However, I felt happy that the audience stayed focus on our DIY TV program.

Here is our DIY TV Program. Enjoy! :

7C Drama: DIY Programs5 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

I think Eileen, Saya, and Ayana‘s DIY TV Program was good because their topic was interesting for me, and they were confident.

7C Drama: DIY Programs3 from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Also, Here is a document that I planned for the DIY TV program.

Drama Informative Speech

During Drama class, we did “Informative Speech”. There were four topics that we could choose, and I chose holiday as my speech topic.

1. I think my best skill was “content”. This is because I always stayed on the topic, and I tried to convey a lot of information about Holidays. Also, my speech structure was good because I did in a correct order(introduction-body1-body2-conclusion). First, for  introduction, I briefly explained about what I am going to talk about. Second, for body1 and body2, I talked about my favorite holidays. Most importantly, I gave a lot of  information about Christmas and Chuseok to the audience. Third, for conclusion, I sum up the speech and finished my speech with “Thanks for watching”. Therefore, I think my best skill was “content”.

2. I think I should improve on my modulation and physicality. First, when I think back to the modulation of my speech, I think my speech speed was fast because I was nervous. Second, for the physicality, I think I looked palm card too often since I could not memorize all of my speech. Therefore, I could not use a lot of gestures when I was doing my speech. Next time, I should be more confident with lots of preparation so that I can give my speech more clearly and effectively.

Here is my informative Speech video :

7C Drama: Informative Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Drama Silent Mime

In drama class, we performed silent mime. I worked with Megumi, Mayuho, and Emily. Our mime’s title was “Do something, Doc”, and the setting was doctors waiting room. In doctor’s waiting room, Megumi trips over and Mayuho tries to help her. Hyojung stops reading her book and goes to the doctor’s office. Hyojung explains the situation to the doctor and asks for help. Then, Hyojung persuades Emily but Emily makes Hyojung go away because she is busy. Hyojung falls, stepping on a scarf, on the way back to grandma and her daughter. Then, Mayuho goes to the doctor for help. Finally, doctor comes. Then, everyone says to doctor, “Do something, Doc.”

7C Drama: Group Mime (2013) from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

1. How successful was my staging of the mime scene? : I think I should have turned to the audience when I was persuading the doctor.

2. How did I use the space? : We used many space on the stage, so that audience could see every one of us on the stage performing.

3. How did I interact with other characters? : Since our group knew each other’s role and what we had to do, we could easily perform by acting what we planned. We used gestures to show emotions and situations. I mostly used big gestures as my character needed to show hurry and sickness.

4. How was the mime believable? Not believable? Explain. : I think our group was believable, because everyone use many gestures to explain this situation. But, I think I have to be more careful about facial expressions because some of my facial expressions didn’t match the situation.