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English Group Presentation – Nobody Knows (Shelley Tanaka)

During the English class, our class read a book and created a presentation as a group. Our group read “Nobody Knows”, and I worked with Megumi, Erik, and Aiden. Nobody knows is a sad story, which is about children who are abandoned by their parents. It was really surprising that this story is based on a real story. After creating a presentation, we needed to present our presentation and there were criteria A, B, and C. To get the highest grade(9-10) at Criterion A(content), we had to show good understanding and give a detailed speech with an effective argument. Also, we had to include quotations which support my points. To get the highest grade at criterion B, we needed to give an organized speech and connect my ideas with my group’s thoughts. Lastly, to get the highest grade at Criterion C, I needed to use nice and accurate vocabulary and do eye contact with the audience while presenting.

Our group had to present one slide for each person, so our group divided our job. Erik talked about characters, Aiden talked about perspective, Megumi talked about the real story and I presented about the messages that this book is giving.

Here is our group’s presentation :

I thought this book tells us that we need to be nice to our parents. This is because in this book, Akira and his siblings faced lots of hard situations because their mom left them and never came back. Secondly, I also thought that this book tells that we need to help poor neighborhoods. This is because Akira’s family could not send children to school because they did not have enough money. However, a kind girl, whose name is Saki, helps them, so that they could know how it feels to be cared by someone. Lastly, it is fiction over fact, because this book gave me an opportunity to empathize characters’ feelings. Therefore, I thought fictions convey feelings that facts cannot.

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Journey to Freedom

Have you ever thought about what South Africa has experienced before? During the English class, we learned about South Africa. Our unit question was “What is the relationship between texts and the real world?”. Before answering this question, we watched a movie called “The Power of One”,  read a book called “Journey to Johannesburg”, and wrote a magazine article about Soweto Uprising to get to know about South Africa. Throughout the unit, I learned that South Africa has changed a lot.

One of the most memorable things from the unit is Apartheid.  I learned a lot about Apartheid especially when I was searching for the article, “Time of Fire”. It was a story about Soweto Uprising, and I wrote a short story as the main character named Grace. After being the main character, I learned that lots of people sacrificed themselves for a better and fair education. It was sad that black people lost their own rights during Apartheid, and many people were arrested and even died.

They were not allowed to use same public establishment :


Also, the movie, The Power of One, helped me to understand South African people’s feelings during the period of discrimination. At the beginning of this unit, it was hard to understand how South African people felt because I have never experienced any discrimination. However, after watching this movie, it was much easier for me too deeply understand black people’s feelings because this movie showed Apartheid very realistically. It was really cruel and frightening when lots of people were falling because of shootings from the police. At the end, I was happy when black people finally got freedom.

The Power of One :


The relationship between the texts and the real world is that there are still lots of people who are suffering from malnutrition. In “Journey to Jo’burg”, Dineo was suffering from malnutrition because he could not afford to eat enough food. We really need to help people who are suffering from lack of money, and try to find solutions to help them.

Apartheid is a big incident that will never be forgotten in South Africa. In this unit, the biggest change was my thoughts. Before learning this unit, the only thing that I could think about South Africa was its natural environment. However, now I know what they have experienced and I can even feel their pain. Therefore, this unit was a good opportunity to know how black people in South Africa got freedom.

Here is a video that will help you to know more about Apartheid as South African people’s point of view:

What is the relationship between the book “Nobody Knows” and the real world?

During G7 English class, I read my own book called “Nobody Knows”, which is written by Shelley Tanaka. Then, I found connections between my book and the real world. I had three connections between the book and the real world, and they are family, friends, and money.

My first connection is family. In the story, there is a one family that live in Tokyo. There are 5 members including Akira, Kyoko, Shige, Yuki and their mom. However, Yuki and Akira have different fathers. One day, their mom goes to Osaka to earn money. She promises to come back again soon, but she never comes back after she leaves them in Tokyo. Children are abandoned by their mom and they have no one to take care of them. Therefore, Akira has to look after his siblings. I learned that in the world, they are many poor abandoned children. Then, their family have to become “households headed by children”, and they will really hard to live without their parents. We have to understand the problem and find solutions to help them.


This is a picture of the family in Nobody Knows

My second connection is friends. For Akira, it was always difficult to make friends because other people used to bully him because he lives in a dirty house.  Later, he finally meets a  girl named Saki. Saki is a kind and friendly girl who helps them a lot. Saki gives money for them, and she plays with Akira’s siblings. I was moved by her braveness and I thought that we really need to help poor neighborhoods because some of the people in this world really need others’ help.


This is a picture of Saki and Akira in Nobody Knows

My last connection is  money. In this book, Akira, Shige, Yuki, and Kyoko do not go to school because their family cannot afford to send children to school. Also, their family is separated because their mom really needs to earn money in Osaka. Nowadays, the gap between the rich and poor is one of the big problem in the world.


This is a picture of the book

In the world, they are many people who suffer from the pressure of money. Also, there are many children who are abandoned by their parents and  have to take care of themselves. Some of them even have to look after their siblings. Some of the families need to be separated because they do not have enough money to maintain their living. This shows that the “Gap between the rich and poor” is one of the big problems. It will be great to help poor neighborhoods because even a little support can make them much happier. I realized that I need to thank people me for giving me happiness. Because of the great lesson that I learned from the book, I will never forgot this book.

Here is a video about an issue related to this book :


English Oral Presentation

1. What is the purpose of today’s oral presentations?

-learning more about values:

First, my purpose is “learning more about values”. Last time, I did not know why the values were important in my life, and I never thought about my values. But this time, I thought deeply about my values and I also learned many values from my friends when they were presenting their own values. Then, I thought that values are really important in our life.

-to get used to presenting, even if it is not a school presentation

My second purpose is “to get used to presenting, even if it is not a school presentation”. This time, I learned how to present well. Last time, I was not very confident during my presentation. For example, I did not know how to use a hook and how to use gestures. But this time I learned to grab people’s attention and how to show my ideas more clearly.

2. How well did I communicate?

I tried to speak clearly to show my own values to the audience. I could finish my speech without any problem so I believe I could express my ideas well. But, I think I did not make enough eye contacts with the audience, so I think I have to improve on making eye contacts during presentations. I want to be more confident when making a speech in front of people.

Here is a video of my oral presentation :


Where do our values come from?

In English class, we talked about values. The topic was “Where do our values came from?” Values are principles or standards of behavior, and judgement of what is important in life.

They are many values like having a religion, being peaceful and healthy, keeping good friendship, and studying hard. Being healthy is very important because if I want to live longer and have more experience, I have to be healthy!  Also ,friendship is important because when we have strong friendship with our friends, we can talk to each other and trust each other. These things all come from culture, family, friends, beliefs(religion), and experiences. We can get many values from these things. I think I gained many values from experiences and I think they are the most important one among them.

Here is a link about value : click