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Child Labor Trial Newspaper

On April 17th, 2014, 7C had a “Child labor trial”. Child labor is hiring of young people to work in factories for a long time for country’s development, or earning money to support their family. There were several teams, and those team were separated into two contradicting opinions;“Child labor is good VS Child labor is bad.” There were 3 teams which agreed with child labor. One of the teams interviewed a factory’s owner, and two teams gave a speech to deliver their opinions clearly. They argued that the reason why they agree with child labor is working in factory can help lots of children for supporting themselves in the future by earning money. Also, they said factories are providing good food, and they are clean. Therefore, child labor can benefit both children and factories.

However, for the teams that disagreed with child labor, they interviewed the people who work in factories. They said, they do not think that they are treated fairly in their factory. This is because they work more than ten hours, and eat only one meal for everyday. Also, they have lots of diseases because of bad environment of factory. Those evidence made the audience easier to empathize children’s feeling.

Everyone in 7C tried really hard to make their team win, but there was no winner. It was a tie. The “Child Labor Trial” was a good opportunity for 7C students to know more about the child labor.

The picture of child labor

What does happen when one country controls another?

Topic : What happen when one country controls another?

During Humanities class, I made a presentation with my group. The topic was “What does happen when one country controls another?”. Then, we chose two countries after a discussion within our group. We chose Belgium and Congo. We searched for a lot of information about the two countries, then we made a presentation with our narrations.

I think when one country controls another, the coloniser will become more wealthy and powerful. This is because the coloniser can get many things from colonies such as money, foods, and even their people. However, colonies will lose their own things such as land, money, and also it will be very difficult to get back their power from the coloniser. The coloniser will become stronger because they get many things from a colonised country, and colony will become poorer because they will lose many things from the coloniser.

However, I think there should be no countries controlling another countries. It is because wars can happen because of colonisation. I hope to every country to be peaceful.

Here is a video about the Congo and Belgium :