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Japanese music

1. Japanese music

During the music class, we learned about Asian music. Our unit question was “What makes music sound like it belongs to a particular part of the music?”. One of the activities that we need to do was creating own Japanese music. The song had to be 16 measures, using two Japanese techniques, and using pentatonic scale.

I used insen for pentatonic scale, which is C, D♭, F, G, B♭, and C. For the Japanese techniques, there are several techniques such as Shan, Kororin, Sha sha, Ato Oshi, and we had to choose 2 techniques from them. I used Shan and Kororin. Shan is a technique when  two notes are played together, and Kororin is when notes are played in different rhythms.

For me, it was a little bit difficult to create Japanese music, because I was not used to create a song with the Japanese techniques. However, finally I could finish this after lots of thoughts and trials.

This is link of my Japanese music. Please enjoy ! : Japanese music 2

2. Comparing Chinese, Japanese, and western music

The second activity that we need to do was writing several paragraphs of the differences and similarities between western, Japanese, and Chinese music instruments. After listening those music, I could realize that there are several differences and similarities.

First of all, for the differences, I could realize that Chinese music has more trembling sound than western music and Japanese. The second thing that I notice was Japanese and Chinese music has different techniques. In western music, there were more variety of techniques, such as staccato. The last thing that I notice was Japanese, Chinese, and western music use different instruments to play music, and those instruments has different number of strings. For the similarities, I knew that some of the Chinese and Japanese instruments are made by bamboos.