G7 Showcase Portfolio

1. communicator

I think I was a communicator last year. This is because I always tried to communicate when I had to work with my group, especially when planning and making for several assignments. I felt much easier when I worked with my group than working individually, because it was easy to share ideas and get a lot of information about related to topics. When I was working with my group, I tried to listen to my teammates’ opinion and share my ideas with them. I felt happy when our group got good achievements by our efforts.


The picture about communicate

Here are the links about communicate : Drama-Group mime EAL-Megan Mair article, Humanities-making Santo Spirito(using minecraft)

2. open-minded

Last year, I was always a open-minded person, because I tried to work hard whenever I had a lot of difficulties with the languages when doing my homework. For example, last time, I had Japanese homework to make 13 sentences. First time, making sentences was a little bit confusing for me. However, I tried to learn and review Japanese after school. Therefore, I became much better at writing sentences using Japanese. Second, I had assignment, which was making Venn Diagram, during PE. I had to include a lot of details to make a Venn Diagram. It was hard to think a lot of details but I was open-minded and tried to think as much as details I could think of for a few hours. After I finished making a Venn Diagram, I felt really happy that I finished my PE homework on my own.

Here is a link of open-minded : Japanese-making 13 sentences

Here is a picture of Venn-Diagram :

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 12.53.38 PM

3. caring

I think I tried to be a caring friend for other classmates last year. Last year, our class learned organisation strategy. I chose “homework buddies” and I did homework buddies with Mayuho. We wrote homework and told homework to each other, and this strategy helped us not to forgot our homework. Also, for the music, I helped them how to play the piano if they found playing the piano challenging.

Here is a link about caring : Tutor-homework buddies


picture of piano

4. thinker

I was a thinker. This is because when I had to do some activities at school, I thought deeply about every topic. For example, during art class, we did slow drawing. We had to be careful because we were not allowed to use pencil. I thought how could I draw a picture well without erasing. Also, during technology class, we did “digital storytelling”. We had to create our own videos. My topic was “My exciting experiences”. First time, it was difficult to make digital story but I thought about topic in many ways and I collected suitable photos from my past experiences and created background music using garageband. Third, I had to write about “Pythagorean Theorem” during math class. Even though I learned it before, it was still confusing. However, I could successfully finish my blog post after a lot thoughts.

Here are the links about thinker : Math-Pythagorean Theorem, Technology-Digital storytelling

Picture of art slow-drawing


5. Knowledgeable

I want to improve to be more “Knowledgeable”. This is because it was hard to understand all of the words because of the language(English). For example, it was hard to read difficult English books and it was hard to understand science words. Therefore, I will read more English books and try to memorize more words to achieve my goal.


The picture of Knowledgeable

Here are some links :  English-after reading book called “Nobody Knows”, Science – Loramite experiment

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