English Oral Presentation

1. What is the purpose of today’s oral presentations?

-learning more about values:

First, my purpose is “learning more about values”. Last time, I did not know why the values were important in my life, and I never thought about my values. But this time, I thought deeply about my values and I also learned many values from my friends when they were presenting their own values. Then, I thought that values are really important in our life.

-to get used to presenting, even if it is not a school presentation

My second purpose is “to get used to presenting, even if it is not a school presentation”. This time, I learned how to present well. Last time, I was not very confident during my presentation. For example, I did not know how to use a hook and how to use gestures. But this time I learned to grab people’s attention and how to show my ideas more clearly.

2. How well did I communicate?

I tried to speak clearly to show my own values to the audience. I could finish my speech without any problem so I believe I could express my ideas well. But, I think I did not make enough eye contacts with the audience, so I think I have to improve on making eye contacts during presentations. I want to be more confident when making a speech in front of people.

Here is a video of my oral presentation :

Pythagorean Theorem

Topic : What conclusions can you now come to about the Pythagorean theorem?

1. polygons

2. rectangle

3. square

I think pythagorean theorem works only for regular polygons (same sides) sharing the sides of a triangle. When the sides of a polygon are the same, the bigger area equals to the sum of the two smaller polygons. For example, this is because if we calculate the area of a square, it will be s² (when the length of a side equals to s). Therefore, the side of the triangle should be √(the area of a square).

On the other hand, other polygons, like a rectangle, they usually have different length and width. Therefore, two smaller areas plus the bigger area do not equal.

Marine Tower

During the math class, we went to the Marine tower for the field trip. First,before we arrive at the top of the marine tower, we made several guesses to estimate the distance between marine tower and other landmarks. Then, we went to the top of the Marine Tower. Marine tower is built on 15th of January, 1961 and it is 106 meters tall. In Marine tower, we could get a lot of information.

Here are some information about Landmarks:

1. Mount Fuji : 84km

2. Motomachi Arch : 300m

3. Toyko Skytree : 3.2km

4. Yokohama Stadium : 900m

5. Kaze-no Tower : 17.5m

6. Foreign cemetery : 500m

7. Osanbashi terminal : 500m

8. Yokohama Baybridge : 2.4km

9. Minatomirai : 2km

10. Hommoku mart : 3km

11. Twiny Yokohama : 4.5km

12. Sea paradice : 1.2km

Drama Silent Mime

In drama class, we performed silent mime. I worked with Megumi, Mayuho, and Emily. Our mime’s title was “Do something, Doc”, and the setting was doctors waiting room. In doctor’s waiting room, Megumi trips over and Mayuho tries to help her. Hyojung stops reading her book and goes to the doctor’s office. Hyojung explains the situation to the doctor and asks for help. Then, Hyojung persuades Emily but Emily makes Hyojung go away because she is busy. Hyojung falls, stepping on a scarf, on the way back to grandma and her daughter. Then, Mayuho goes to the doctor for help. Finally, doctor comes. Then, everyone says to doctor, “Do something, Doc.”

7C Drama: Group Mime (2013) from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

1. How successful was my staging of the mime scene? : I think I should have turned to the audience when I was persuading the doctor.

2. How did I use the space? : We used many space on the stage, so that audience could see every one of us on the stage performing.

3. How did I interact with other characters? : Since our group knew each other’s role and what we had to do, we could easily perform by acting what we planned. We used gestures to show emotions and situations. I mostly used big gestures as my character needed to show hurry and sickness.

4. How was the mime believable? Not believable? Explain. : I think our group was believable, because everyone use many gestures to explain this situation. But, I think I have to be more careful about facial expressions because some of my facial expressions didn’t match the situation.


What does happen when one country controls another?

Topic : What happen when one country controls another?

During Humanities class, I made a presentation with my group. The topic was “What does happen when one country controls another?”. Then, we chose two countries after a discussion within our group. We chose Belgium and Congo. We searched for a lot of information about the two countries, then we made a presentation with our narrations.

I think when one country controls another, the coloniser will become more wealthy and powerful. This is because the coloniser can get many things from colonies such as money, foods, and even their people. However, colonies will lose their own things such as land, money, and also it will be very difficult to get back their power from the coloniser. The coloniser will become stronger because they get many things from a colonised country, and colony will become poorer because they will lose many things from the coloniser.

However, I think there should be no countries controlling another countries. It is because wars can happen because of colonisation. I hope to every country to be peaceful.

Here is a video about the Congo and Belgium :


Field Studies

Our significant concept is “Living and working and community creates opportunities and challenges”

I think this significant concept relates to field studies. This is because during field studies, we spent many times with friends and we had many opportunities to try something other than studying. We did many interesting activities like rock climbing, mountain biking, night hiking, and soba making. Some activities were easy but some activities were a little bit hard. When I was playing games with my group, some of the games were difficult for me. However, our group could do them well because of great team work. I felt very happy when our group did well.

Field studies was a great experience as I could meet new friends and try a lot of new activities. I think I have learned many things from those experiences.

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