Reflecting on Wellness in PSHE

In PSHE, even though I was not here for that unit, we learned about Wellness. Wellness is a huge topic and to just talk about wellness is impossible because it has so many sub-topics. Emotional, physical, social, mental, spiritual/ethical, financial… Continue Reading →

Freedom of Expression

Due to the Charlie Hebdo magazine flouting the ban on visually representing the prophet Muhammad, their headquarters were attacked. According to The New York Times, after the terror attack: “French authorities began aggressive enforcements of a law against supporting or… Continue Reading →

Chapitre 7 – Mise en Train

Tu as Compris? Activity 1: How does Bruno feel at the beginning of the story? Bruno feels sad and not so good that he is out of shape. What three things do Céline and Hector ask him about? Céline and… Continue Reading →

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