Wellness: PSHE

In PSHE, even though I was not here for that unit, we learned about Wellness. Wellness is a huge topic and to just talk about wellness is impossible because it has so many sub-topics. Emotional, physical, social, mental, spiritual/ethical, financial and vocational are all factors that contribute to wellness. For the part of grade 10 I was here for, I experienced many things that contributed to my wellness. The question here to ask is what factors are needed to keep a person physically, mentally/emotionally, socially and spiritually well? To be physically well, an average person should try to do 3 hours of sports a week at least. To be emotionally/mentally well, you should think about how you feel and maybe it would help to talk to someone if you are feeling down. For being socially well, try to hang around people who make you happy, and people who make school fun. Last but not least, to be spiritually well, try sleeping a lot, having me-time. For example, going out is fun, but it is also important to have some quiet time, watch a movie or read a book all by yourself.

For me, I think I was rather physically, socially and emotionall/metally well. With this I mean, I took part of soccer, and after the season ended, I occasionally go running and do some at home workouts. For socially, I hang out with my friends time-to-time, I go shopping, have a sleepover, or even go to dinner with them. Also, I joined the Sustainability Project, founded by Maho, which I think is loads of fun because you get to sit down with your friends and talk about what matters in the world and what is important. Lastly, for my emotional/mental well being, I sometimes just think about how I feel a certain day, and sometimes see how I could improve, etc. On the other hand, I could improve on my spiritual well-being. By this I mean, I need to go to bed earlier because I am constantly tired, and that is not good for my wellness.


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