Wellness: PSHE, Soccer and Yoga

To be physically mentally/emotionally, socially, and spiritually well, means you have a balanced life. One needs to engage in exercise every day, get in touch with yourself and surround yourself with people who make you happy. I learned a bit about Wellness in my Grade 10 PSHE class, which stands for Personal, Social and Health Education. In an attempt for self-wellness, I participate in activities such as soccer (Mon./Wed./Fri.) or running. Additionally, I try to have me-time, every so often, where I just put on a face mask and partake in my hobbies such as sketching or self-care. Moreover, this year I joined yoga (every Thurs.) to get in touch with myself. I try to do all these activities a couple times a week, to keep a balanced life.

Firstly, sports are very important in every day-to-day life, it makes us healthy, strong and live long! The sport I enjoy most is Soccer. From when I was little, I have always loved kicking around a ball, but I was always so afraid to join the soccer team– because I am by all means not a professional. But then I thought, that is was soccer practice is for, to improve yourself. So two years ago, I tried out for a team and made it on Varsity! Due to practicing 3 times a week (Mon./Wed./Fri.), I was able to practice my skills and improve my health in parallel. In addition, I felt a boost in my emotional wellbeing as well. If school was going badly, I would feel a loss of control, but I could rely on soccer of regaining that feeling and therefore, motivation. Now I am much happier and feel in control.

Below is a picture of our team, I am in the back standing and the only one wearing a white shirt (also #12).

Secondly, to get in touch with myself, I have prioritized sleeping and taking time for myself. To indulge in this further, I signed up for yoga classes. The yoga sessions, every Thursday for an hour, allows me to just focus on me and being present. Ever since I signed up, it has made me more relaxed, happier and motivated to take things one step at a time, instead of rushing everything. Which I find very important, and everyone should try this. I am not saying everyone should do yoga, but they should try doing something which allows them to focus on themselves only and not allow their minds to drift on further heavy tasks, but just themselves. This way everyone could feel more relaxed.

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