Community Engagement: Sustainability Project

In this world, the biggest problem is Global Climate change. The reason why I do not say Global Warming is because not every country is heating up, it fluctuates being getting colder and getting warmer. To stop this issues there are many solutions one of them being recycling. Therefore my friend started this club at my school the “Sustainability Project”. It aims for people to reuse their clothing and upcycle so you want to wear recycled clothing.

To promote this we have already had a few workshops, where we teach small children why it is important to do this, etc. In addition to this, we set up a little work station where we people can buy patches of clothing and design something on them so they can wear it as a bandana, or anyhow they prefer. Our next goal is to upcycle so many clothes so we can have a fashion show and make upcycling a trend.


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