Global Understanding: Hope Cambodia

To understand more about the events happening all around the world, I joined the Hope Service Group. This group, however, mainly focuses on the rural areas of Cambodia, and what is happening. We meet every day 10 on the ten-day cycle to discuss different ways to raise money to build schools and wells and other things that are useful for the citizens living in the rural areas. When I first joined the group they told us our goal was to raise ¥2,750,000.  To do this successfully, we were divided into groups of 3-5 people each, and each group came up with different ways of fundraising. For my group, we sold snacks at several school events, we held some bake sales, started a go-fund-me page and many other things. They also organise a trip every year for 20 people to visit the previous projects and help build the project at the moment. Unfortunately, due to some family business, I wasn’t able to join the trip. Even today, though, we are still raising money.

Overall, joining the Hope Service group was an excellent choice, because not only do I get to learn more about their culture and how poor some areas are but through raising money, I can make a difference for some people.


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