Wellness: Soccer

Sports are very important in the every day-to-day life, it makes us healthy, strong and live long! The sport I love the most is Soccer. From when I was little, I have always loved kicking around a ball, but I was always so afraid to join the soccer team– because I am by all means not a professional. But then I thought, that is was soccer practice is for, to improve yourself. So two years ago, I tried out for a team and made it on Junior Varsity! I was so happy. Ever since I have continued to try out for the soccer team. At the moment, I am on the Varsity team and I love it.

Besides the health benefits, Soccer helped me improve some skills– such as working with others. This skill is very important because in the future if I ever want to start a company, I have to know how to work with others. Therefore I love playing soccer and being part of a team (I am number 12).

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