Multilingualism: German and English

Growing up I have lived in loads of places such as Belgium, The United States, Thailand, Singapore, Germany and now Japan. Along the way, I have picked up English and German, because the first language that I remember was Flemish. This was because when I was smaller I went to a Belgian public school for five years. Then I moved to Germany and stayed in Frankfurt for six years. The entire time I was there I went to two international schools, the first one being Strothoff International School and Frankfurt International School. Through these schools, I picked up English quite easily. Along with learning English, I had extra classes for German, this way I learned German as well. Since then I have not given up on learning German, and now I am starting my 7th year of learning German. Hence, I would say I am completely fluent in English, but not so much in German, however, still enough to get around on a daily basis in Germany. In addition, I learned French for three years, but I had to stop due to the workload of the IB. However, I plan on continuing it in college and learning Spanish on top of it as well. As you might suspect, I love learning many new languages and experience loads of new cultures. My rich knowledge in these cultures allows me to understand how they feel about certain situations or expressions or even certain hand movement. This would allow me to feel like one of the locals and to be respected in each culture. Because after all every single culture is very distinct and cannot be generalized. Furthermore, this way, wherever I travel I will always feel at home, in comfort, knowing so much about each culture and being able to make connections with everyone.

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