Multilingualism: German and English

Growing up I have lived in loads of places such as Belgium, The United States, Thailand, Singapore, Germany and now Japan. Along the way, I have picked up English and German, because the first language that I remember was Flemish. This was because when I was smaller I went to a Belgian public school for five years. Then I moved to Germany and stayed in Frankfurt for six years. The entire time I was there I went to two international schools, the first one being Strothoff International School and Frankfurt International School. Through these schools, I picked up English quite easily. Along with learning English, I had extra classes for German, this way I learned German as well. Since then I have not given up on learning German, and now I am starting my 7th year of learning German. Hence, I would say I am completely fluent in English, but not so much in German, however, still enough to get around on a daily basis in Germany. In addition, I learned French for three years, but I had to stop due to the workload of the IB. However, I plan on continuing it in college and learning Spanish on top of it as well. As you might suspect, I love learning many new languages and experience loads of new cultures. This way I can travel wherever and always feel at home since I can communicate with whoever and not feel excluded from the culture.

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