Public Communication: Model United Nations

At the beginning of eleventh grade, I thought it’d be fun to join Models United Nations (MUN). MUN is a club at my school, and many other schools, where we do a practice version of the United Nations. In the club, we explore and discuss current events around the world, make position papers where we stand, present and come together to write a for/against to speeches. Personally, I find it important to know different events happening around the world so we become globally minded. The first official event I attended was KMUN, just a MUN event at K International School Tokyo. I represented Canada because then I just chose it because I love Canada. Little did I know, apparently when choosing well-known countries, the chairs can grill you when you present with facts you probably did not know unless you had done your research properly. Luckily, I debated my way out of certain situations. Below, I have attached the first assembly room I was present at, a position paper and one of the following speeches.


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