Artistic Expression: Photography

When I was younger my sister was so good at photography, and I always wanted to be good at photography too, however, I never was. So I became very demotivated, per contra, a few years ago I wanted to try it again. Turns out, I had developed an eye for amazing shots! I continued to evolve my skill and grew passionate. I asked tips from a few photographers and they gave me advice and a website (, where I got further advice on photography. Now, I am thinking of making a blog where you can buy my artworks. This changed my view of the world. I realized you can monetize any hobby you have, of course, only if you want to, and you can dive into any passion and surround yourself with happiness. Photography is very important in my life because it allows me to express myself, how I am feeling at that point, in one picture, and if I apply filters, it amplifies my feelings. I do this through the use of color, usually, when I am feeling happy and excited I use pink hues, or augment the sunlight to make the picture radiate. As seen below:


If I am feeling a little sad at that moment, I use green or blue hues and usually reduce the brightness of the picture to make it a little more gloomy. As seen below:


I have been doing photography for some years now, and I plan to take some photography courses once I begin university. Usually, when I am out with my friends, or even inside my house, I find things to take pictures of, because, in my point of view, everything in itself is extraordinary.


(also the background of my blog is a picture I took).

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