Inter-Cultural Communication: Learning French

In Grade 7, I was faced with an important decision, learning Spanish or French. I was leaning more towards the Spanish. However, my home country is Belgium and the languages they speak are Flemish, German and French. I already knew how to speak Flemish and German, thus I chose French. Additionally, I chose this because I do not know much about my culture nor the French culture. Therefore I thought, tactically it would be the most beneficial for me to learn French. I am glad I did because I often visit Paris and I am able to make my own orders and talk with some of the locals and I adore it. This way my knowledge on the Belgian history and French history deepened. I now know what Arc de Triomphe stands for, why le Tour d’Eiffel is there on that position and much more! Not only did I become more intelligent, this helped me reflect on my decisions and grow as a person. In my opinion, more people should know about the history of their cultures, so we do not make past mistakes and repeat history.

The most common example I can think of using the French language is in café’s or restaurants. All you have to say is “Je voudrais …”, which means “I would like…”, you continue with what you want, such as “un coca” (coca-cola) or “un sandwich” (a sandwich), and end it with “s’il vous plaît”, which is “please”, because you have to stay respectful. Using the most common/ same phrases repeatedly seems tedious, but it can give you a confidence boost and a reassurance of your speaking skills. Which can lead to a person stepping out of their comfort zone and in the future trying new phrases and building up your language skills and connections to the culture.

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