Personal Goal: 41/45 in IB

So, at this moment my predicted grade is 34/45, and I want a 41/45. You probably think I am crazy, well I think this is achievable. What I started doing in the beginning of 12th grade is something I should’ve started when I started the IB. In one homeroom we learned about WOOP goals. W is for a wish, O is for the outcome, the next O is for obstacle and the P is for a plan. To explain further, what I started doing is setting individual WOOP goals for each of my classes. So for example, for math, I said I wish to accomplish this unit, so I can practice and become better at understanding the art of math, the obstacle would be time management, and my plan is, do 20 min of each subtopic every day to not overwhelm myself. All of my woop goals I wrote down in my little diary, a diary because it is a personal goal of mine. I have been drifting off of this here and there due to the increased amount of assignments I have been given, EE finishing, 3 IA’s, etc. However, I still stick to my WOOP goals in the end of the day and I keep getting better. Evidence you might ask. I was looking over my grades and transcripts the other day, and realized my GPA at the end of last year was: 4.550 and at this moment it is: 5.330, which is close to an entire grade increase on ALL my subjects! This motivates me to work even harder to achieve this goal. Some people would call this a ‘dream’ score, I refuse to call this a dream because I will make it into a reality.

Some evidence of these WOOP goals:

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