Personal Goal: Physics Grade Improvement

I take Physics higher level in the IB, and it’s not an easy subject. I usually get an average of 4’s on my test, so I wanted to change that. I set up a plan that I always study for the test (at least!) 2 weeks in advance. This way I can get the proper practice I need. For the last test (yesterday), I started off reviewing the theory throughout the first week. In my opinion, only one textbook was not sufficient for all the knowledge I needed to know for my nuclear and quantum physics test. Therefore, I looked through other textbooks and resources and stumbled upon Hyperphysics. From this website, I was able to extract most knowledge on the unit. When week 2 rolled around I decided it might be good to apply my knowledge to questions, so I printed some IB exam questions, specifically on this unit. After filling out the 9 questions, which were 25 pages, I checked with the IB mark scheme. From this, I looked for key terms that the IB might love to hear, which I then integrated into my answers. I think from actually practicing the questions, I learned the most since you need to recall your information and then apply it. From this planning and working towards achieving this goal, I felt fairly well prepared for the test, however, I think the ideal would have been that I had 3 weeks to prep. Unfortunately, due to the high workload, this not very likely. So fast-forward to today when I got my test results back, and I achieved a 5! I was very happy since this is one of the hardest units in physics. However, since my goal is to change my average, I need to keep up this high-intensity planning in order to fully accomplish my goal. Nevertheless, a goal that seemed a stretch, or unlikely to happen, was reached.

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