Area of Expertise: University Acceptance

When I started looking for universities, I came across Twente University, Amsterdam University, and Utrecht University. I applied to all three and ideally wanted to be accepted to all of them, but my first choice is Twente University.

So I had to write motivation letters, make a schedule of what I wanted to study at their universities, create curriculum vitae’s, I have done 2 interviews with Twente University, and I have 2 upcoming interviews with the two other schools on the 28th and 29th.¬†Below you can see the evidence of my hard work.

So far, Twente University has recognized the hard work I have done and willing to do. And I am so proud of myself to accomplishing receiving acceptance and receive recognition from my number one choice university.

For the other two universities, I have completed the first step into admission and will hear the decision after the interviews.


University College Utrecht CV-16ob7c3

Maxence Twente Motivational Letter-q7er2m

Study Plan Amsterdam-15kjzca

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