YIS Fitness Test

i think we should test fitness because, we could know what skills we have and we could clarify our strength. You could also improve your fitness too.In flexibility I got 25 so its over average but I think I should improve more on it. My partner Dan got 34. Very flexible!In the jumping test I got 37. My hands are pretty long so I think I was able to jump high. Dan got 24.In the sit ups I got up to 33 times. I think I could have improved more on it. Dan got 28.In push ups I got 37. I could have improve more on it. My goal is to get up to 40. Dan got 18.In the weight check, I’am 34.1 kg. Dan is 40.7kg.In the body composition test, I got 15.6 in BMI. Dan got 20.5. I’am low weight. I think I need to eat more and get stronger.In the Burpee jump test, I got up to 37times. Dan got  34.  I think I could have improved more on the jumps. Overall I think I did great on the fitness test. I’ll improve more and be more fit!

The Cooper Test Run

Today in PE, we went to the park for Cardio Vascular Endurance. The aim was to run as fast as we can for 12 minutes. The course was 200m. Then we got a score depending on what age we are. I got 2400m which is 2.4km. I did 12 laps. I think I did pretty good. Probably I could have improved by sprinting at the last few minutes. I could have also run a bit faster at the end. My partner Dan got 2100m (2.1km). 10.5 laps. In age of 12 years old I got average. Next time, I’ll keep the paste and run more laps! But I think I still did my best!