Improv Tournament Reflection

During this unit in Drama we have done different kinds of acting and expressing ourselves. I’ve learned a lot about acting and ways to emphasize that.

We have done 4 games. They are called Space jump, Expert Double Figures, Statues and Die Story Die! Space jump is a game played with 4 people. The first person acts and then so on and so on, the next person says “Space Jump!” and then changes the scene. Expert double Figures is a game with 2 people acting and the other 2 people stays behind the people acting and puts their arms in front of that people. Statues is a game with a person molds 3 people and the 3 people acts using there assigned statue and takes turns. Finally the last game Die Story Die! A person conducts 3 people and the 3 people creates a story. But if they somehow can’t continue or starts to stammer the story they die! As the last person remains that person wraps up the story. In this lesson, we did tournaments. I was teams with George, Aitor and Joi. We chose Space Jump and Expert Double Figures.

I think I did pretty well with offer and accept and I think I was able to have the whole scene make sense. If that did not happen well, the story will get very messed up and probably it will fail. So I think that was a good thing to be careful at.

I think I could have improved my performance by having to face the audience. Sometimes, my back faces toward the audience so I think I need to improve on that and fix my angle.

I could use these skills in a performance by using all of the ways we have done in these 4 games. We can also use offer and accept to help us with our performance. We can practice space jump before we do our performances and we can warm up with doing that so I think that these 4 games are good exercises before you start a performance.

This is the Criteria and these are grades that I think are suitable to me. 

You will always offer ideas and accept other’s ideas

I think I got a 9 out of 10 because I didn’t protest to other peoples opinions.

You will always share the story/scene with other players

I think I got a 9 out of 10 because I always share ideas and I’m also creative.

You will always name the object or introduce the situation so other players understand

I think I got a 7 out of 10 because I sometimes introduce the scene. But still I think I need to improve a bit more on it.

You will always keep the story going to a logical conclusion

I think I got a 5-6 out of 10 because I sometimes stammer at the end so I think I need to improve on that.

You will always create and keep being a believable character in a place that matches the character

I think I got a 6-7 out of 10 because I sometimes stay the same character and I try not to destroy that. But still more improvement.

In conclusion, I think these 4 games really helps us emphasize our performances and I think I could do well on performances I have in Drama class.


These are 2 videos I’ve performed. Space Jump and Expert Double Figures.

6A Drama: Improv Tournament from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

6A Drama: Improv Tournament from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

Create Reflection

During these 3 units, we have done different kinds of things to design our blog. I’ve done lots and lots of things to really make my blog. I’ve chosen a great theme and I’ve learned a lot about doing it. 

I’m very happy and confident with my blog design/theme because as I said, I’ve chosen a blog theme that really represents me. It makes me feel by me having creativity. I think that my blog theme could catch peoples attention and I have a feeling that there would be lots of visitors visiting my blog. I just started the visitor widget but I think in the end of the year I can get lots of visitors. But I think I still need to design it a bit more better. But still I’m glad with my blog theme.

What I’m proud of my blog is that, I have different kinds of colors used.  I also like my Header image too. 



As I said I have lots of creativity so I’m really proud of that. I’m also proud of my posts too. It really shows that I’m a detailed person and I’m very open-minded. I share different ideas and I think that is a great thing to do on your blog. I also have pictures in almost every blog post I’ve done. I’m also proud of My about me page. I think I’ve explained  a lot about myself and I really enjoy reading that. I read it over and over and I’m very confident about it. 


In conclusion, I really think that my blog is great and I’m proud of it. I have lots of posts and the color I’ve used are very colorful.I think that I’ve empathized a lot in my blog. I feel very positive in what I’ve done. I’m looking forward to having many visitiors to visit my blog! 

Unit 1 Music Reflection

During these few weeks we have done Solo performances with instruments we can play. I think I did great with my performance. Unfortunately, I borrowed a violin from the studio but one of the strings broke. but I was able to play the low part of the music I was going to play. But the next day I brought my own violin and performed the real piece. I had lots of rhythm in my violin performance. I could have added more expression. When I had to record my violin performance I put some drum beats to make it stand it out. I somehow empathized it. In that one I think I did great. Not just that we did but we made family trees of our instruments and Biographies too. I think I had creativity in my  violin performance. This song I played on violin called Jounestu Tairiku is from a very famous violinist called Taro Hakase.


Taro Hakase is one of the most famous violinists in the world. He had experiences of performing with an Singer Celine Dion. They performed “To love you more” and they have done that several times. Once they have done it in Tokyo Dome in 1999. When I saw this the first time. It was amazing! The expression that Taro Hakase had was really standing out and I really inspired him. He owns his music company called Hats Unlimited. I’ve checked that official website before. It had lots and lots of concert informations and it was great! I liked the way he promoted himself. once I’ve played this piece in my violin concert before. That one was longer than this one I played. I made it short because probably be too long so I decided to cut the long parts at the end and played the first half of it. This is a picture of one of the times when Taro Hakase performed with Celine Dion. I really enjoyed and I liked it. 


In conclusion I’ve learned in this unit that its great to perform and show our progress of what we have done to other people. I also learned that practicing really makes a high amount of difference. It makes it even better. Soon it will end up like you have never performed like that before so I think it  really helps. This is my 7th year of playing violin and I think that its great to have this kind of opportunity and I really think that violin was a great choice I made. When I used to live in New York, I started playing violin and took private lessons and even now in Japan too. I’ve performed in lots of concerts. There will be more, and this time there will be even more challenging pieces so I keep on practicing violin and I’ll enjoy!



Becoming A Blogger Plan Reflection

During this 3 weeks we have done 3 rough drafts of our blog themes. We chose one best draft for it. Then we did our How to grow our blog goals. We have done these things because its good to know about how to use blogs and planning is one of the most important things. If we started the blogs soon we won’t really get use to it and we could end up knowing not really a lot about it. I’ve learned that planning for our blogs really helps you empathize your blog. I’ve also learned that our goals of How to grow a blog can also help us by sorting or organize our blogs. If we had lots and lots of goals in our minds and if you immediately start doing all of that stuff, you can get confused and you won’t be able to achieve your goals. So if we had this kind of brainstorm, we can create a great blog.



The drawing below the How to grow a blog plan, is my rough draft of how I want my blog theme to look like. This is selected as my best one. I’ll explain some reasons why I choose this theme. Basically, I choose this theme because it has originality and the background has different colors. I didn’t only choose just 1 color because I thought it wouldn’t really stand out.  Also I wanted to express my feeling so I tried to create this theme. I wanted to use different designs so I arranged it like this. Finally I wanted to create a blog theme that can catch people attention so I tried to make that. I think this represents me because I like to be creative and I like to share all my ideas to other people. Also this shows that I’m very colorful. For me its related to being open-minded. I’m not shy so I always do whatever I can and try to be wide open. Finally, this represents me by being organized. I planned my blog theme out by trying to be organized so I did that. Its good to sort out things and be a neat person.

To grow my blog, I need to learn to get more readers and promote myself, organize my blog and get links and show different exciting things. To do all of that I can either ask a friend how to do it or to ask a teacher how to do it too. Also I could be able to look it on youtube to see blog tutorials. Even you could use the wordpress document too. For getting more readers I can get links and show fun information about it. I can comment on other peoples blogs and they can comment on mine too. I can also tell my friends and families all around the world. I think this is one of the most important things for your blog because its good to focus on goals you want to achieve. You can think of making your blog better.

In conclusion,  I think that work I’ve done was great. I was able to think of lots and lots of ideas and it was very fun. Especially , the 3 rough drafts. The challenging assignments during these 3 weeks I’ve done were the How to grow a Blog goals. I had lots of goals but I really didn’t know how to explain them. Its easy to say it in words but you actually had to achieve it so I was a bit concerned. But even though I really liked all of these assignments. Very creative and very detailed. I could have improved more on the How to grow a blog goals by being more specific. As I said I had lots of goals but I think they were a bit to general. I want to become better at knowing all the different sections in blogs. Including Widgets, Comments and other stuff too. What I want to do next is to experiment on the new things of blogs. I’m not sure what they are but if there is going to be new things, I will definitely test them out. I really like Technology and I like to learn all the new things about it so I’m looking forward to it!



That long hike!

We went to this long hike on the last day of Field Studies. We went hiking beside a river then to towns to forests and it was epic! We kept on hiking in the woods and it was really slippery. I feel down sometimes. I had a great time. I think I was a Inquirer that time. Because I was really curious with different kinds of trees and the nature in that woods we hiked. I asked the counselors some things about the woods. I liked the nature in the forests. They were really interesting. I took lots of pictures of trees. We had lunch and there was a small lake and they were kind of boats so we played with it. I got wet but it was fun. I really enjoyed the hike. I also loved this field studies in Hakuba! It was great. I’m very thankful for having this opportunity to got to Hakuba Field Studies!

I felt like flying!

That Hot Air Balloon. We went Hot Air Ballooning at night. I wasn’t scared of heights that time but everyone was scared of heights. When I got on the Balloon it was very hot. Then all of sudden there was fire above me. The fire helps the balloon fly. I think I was a bit Knowledgeable that time because I didn’t panic or do anything. I thought about how I can be balanced on the balloon. I saw the view of Hakuba City. It was great! I which I can get on the balloon again!

Canoeing at Aokiko Lake

We went Canoeing at Aokiko Lake. It was my very first time! First I didn’t know what to do. But the counselors showed us how to pedal and other stuff too. I think I was a communicator that time. I was in the boat with 2 more people. I communicated with them to go which way. We had a bit of a conflict but still we did great. I felt like doing it again!