Minecraft Tour

This is my house that I made in the desert.



My biome is the desert and I made an desert house.

Desert is an humid place and there are cactus in the desert. The houses in the desert is made by sand. I made my house with sandstone.  Places where there are deserts are in Africa, Egypt, Mongolia, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Peninsula, Iran, Italy, Poland, Spain, Greece. For example in Egypt they have pyramids which were long time ago. In deserts, they also have blankets to make houses. Houses are made out of sand and people wear white dresses and they are short sleeved.

I think Minecraft is a good program because you can build what you want and you can have creativity so its good.

January Goal Settings

The important things were the computers that were provided in school. It made a huge difference after elementary ended. We get are own blogs and other stuff and I think the amount of responsibility got really high. Even the knowledge and grading was important too. In my personal life I think that standing up by myself got really important. The responsibility got higher as I said and figuring out things by myself also changed my life.

What was good or special was I got pretty good grades in my assignments in school. I also think that I was eventually able to figure things out by myself rather than doing nothing. I also think I had more confidence in myself.

I think I grew and changed by managing things and having responsibility in myself and figuring things out. I think I grew by having Cross Country for my activities. I was in the team so I think that it has been a bit more strict and I think that also the computers really made me grew because I have homework on my computer and have lots of homework.

I learned that we get grades on our assessments because in elementary, we didn’t so I learned that I need for effort in my work and everything.

We went to Field Studies to Hakuba and I think we had lots of responsibility to do everything by ourselves. We did canoeing and had things that we didn’t experience so it was interesting.

My first goal is to have sentences make sense because I think I need to improve on my language. The benefits are that I can get more good grades. I’ll achieve my goal by reading more books and getting more knowledge.

My second goal is to figure things out more quickly. Its important because I won’t be able to do anythings so I need to be quick. The benefits are I can do things quick. I’ll achieve my goals by remembering things quick and doing it right now.

My final goal is to be more responsible. Its important because I would have things disorganized. The benefits are I can be organized and not loose things. What I’ll do to achieve my goal is to be efficient and have things organized.


My Favorite Tutorial blog post

My favorite tutorial video was How to install Minecraft Forge 1.4.6/1.4.5[MAC].

I learned where to get the Minecraft Forge from the internet and I learned where to drag all the Minecraft Forge to your Minecraft Jar folder.  This person who’s a he showed us exactly where to get the Minecraft Forge from the internet and showed us how to drag that Forge data to your Minecraft Jar Folder and its very specific and easy to understand. What he could have done was to zoomed the screen more closer so that we can see what he is doing. Also he should have waited for us and give us time to do it. The title of his video didn’t really match with his video and it was confusing. His title said How to install Minecraft Forge 1.4.6/1.4.5[MAC] but he installed 1.4.2 so it didn’t really make sense. So he should have made his point more clearly so that we can understand.

By ChargeNegative on You-Tube

My 2nd best one was How to Delete Your YouTube Account (2012 YouTube Update).

By Zantareous You-Tube

1.) I learned how to get your settings in youtube.

2.) I learned that its not called delete but its called close account.

3.) I learned that you have to wait 5 seconds to close your account.

1.) In this video there were  parts that were highlighted which leads you to close your account. This is important because you won’t know where this person went so its good to highlight it.

2.) The title of his video made sense. It said how to delete your youtube account. This is important because the viewers would need to know the exact information so if the title said what that viewers need it will be helpful for them.

3.) This person added a bit more information for the other viewers. This is good because it will more helpful and easy for the viewers to do it.

1.) This person could have added his voice so that we can understand what he is saying.
2.) This person could have zoomed up more so that we can see more clearly.

3.) This person could have gave us time to do the process so that we can do the right thing.