Tutorial Planning Reflection

During these few weeks, we have started our tutorial planning. After looking at our favorite tutorials and the other people’s tutorials they liked, we started storyboards for our tutorial. My tutorial is about how to do vibrato on a violin. I made a storyboard including all the things that you need to do in doing vibrato and here is my storyboard. I’m thinking to put this on my You-Tube channel.

For my storyboard, I think it meets Step by Step, Conclusion and Zoom.

I think its Step by Step because it shows all the orders when doing  vibrato. Its very easy and simple to understand. I can demonstrate it by showing them step by step and never miss any parts of doing vibrato.

My storyboard has a Conclusion because I have a slide ending the whole tutorial. It wrap ups the tutorial and you can thank the viewers for watching and you can say “I hope you learned a lot!”  and  it entertains the viewers. I can demonstrate it by using hand gestures at the end. Its the same thing with a hamburger. You cannot have a hamburger with just a top bun, lettuce, meat patty etc. You need to have the bottom bun which is the conclusion.

My storyboard has Zooming in because its more clear and easier for the viewers to understand. I can demonstrate it by bringing my violin very close to my computer camera and do the vibrato slowly.

To make your tutorial look even better, you can explain the viewers about that step in moderate speed and its good to specify that step so that the viewers can learn quicker than they think they can. What you need to learn about creating your tutorial is to slow down when talking. Sometimes you stammer and it may go quickly so take your time and explain it slowly so that the viewers can follow you. Not only just that but performing the steps too. Take it slowly so that the viewers can understand what you are exactly showing.  

Here is my tutorial time plan. Its our planning for “What we need for are tutorial, when we are going to film” and other stuff. 

Here is my storyboard on google presentation. 


Before starting this unit, I used to think that planning isn’t necessary for tutorials. You just explain the procedure. But now I think that planning helps your explanation a lot and it can be more easier to understand. 

In this unit I learned that its good to plan out your tutorial so that it can be more helpful to other people. I think planning is one of the most major things that are needed for making tutorials. Planning may also relate to storyboards which is very helpful to create a tutorial.  Also I learned that practice can make your tutorial even better. You will be organized and will know what to say.

In conclusion, I think that this unit was very fun and useful to Technology. Tutorials can really make your use of technology more higher and advanced. You can share things you can do. I’ll be filming soon so I’ll keep in mind about the things that are important. Practice and planning.

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  1. I’m so glad you learned a lot in this unit Nao! Planning is such an important part of designing anything because you have so many options it’s good to think about them before you start creating – otherwise you waste so much time creating so many different versions before you decide on the one that best meets the criteria.

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