Tutorial Creating Reflection

During this few weeks, we commented on other people’s tutorials. I commented on Ro’s blog and Henri’s blog.

After that, we were finally able to create our tutorials and now its on You-Tube! As you know, my tutorial is about how to do vibrato on violin. The video will be on the bottom of this blog post. If you like it, please like it and subscribe!!!

I think my tutorial meets Step by Step, Conclusion and Zoom in. (These are important words, also known as our criteria for creating a tutorial.) In my opinion, for Step by Step, my tutorial is easy for the viewers to follow. I had an example of the ambulance siren. That would show how the vibrato would sound like. So I think that can be more easier for the viewers to understand and it can give them an idea in what it would sound  like. I tried the ambulance siren and the vibrato a few times so that the viewers can listen to it very carefully and would understand in how it would sound like. Its always good to do your step a few times not only once but to make that step even more clear. For Conclusion, my tutorial has one. Its always good to end it up. For example, there cannot be a hamburger without a bottom bun. I concluded my tutorial saying, “Thank you for watching!”, “Hope you learned a lot!” and “Hope you enjoyed and please subscribe!” Then it can entertain the viewers. (I guess.) For Zoom in, when I do the vibrato, it zooms in so that the viewers can see more clearly. I’ve explained that in my tutorial too.

From some tutorials I’ve watched, I’ve got ideas such as using voiceover in iMovie to specify the step you’re doing. Also using lots of text. Comparing to the amount of text I’m using, I found lots of people using more text than me while showing the step so I should have improved more on that.

I have some challenges with making the step in slow motion. I think its because that I’ve haven’t experience a lot more deeper in iMovie. I always fiddle around with the things that are there in front when I open up iMovie. Not just with the technical problems but filming, explaining and performing the steps. When filming, the camera can be very shaky and not stabilized. During your explanation, you tend to get lost in what you’re saying and stammer. When performing the step, sometimes it might turn out in a different way than you expected so probably its good to have practice on that and improve all the things that have difficulty in you.

In conclusion, overall I think I did great on creating my tutorial. Even thought some parts needed development. I think from now on, tutorials will be more important in the future. So its good to practice more on the parts in creating one. This unit was very fun and I enjoyed a lot! I’m looking forward for the next unit!


Here is my Violin tutorial for Technology class. Hope you enjoy! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!

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  1. Great connections with other students so you have new ideas for how to improve your tutorials in the future. I’m wondering how you think you could solve some of the challenges you describe above….

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