Singing in the Rain Analysis

During these few weeks, we are studying about movements and we were assigned to investigate the movements that a famous dancer and film actor Gene Kelly uses. We watched his video called “Singing in the rain” which is known all over the world.  Here is the video.

Today, I would like to be talking about 4 things which are props, rhythm, expression and moving through space in the video.

Props: Mainly, Gene Kelly was using an umbrella. There were other props such as hats and others but I think the main focus is the umbrella. Gene Kelly used it very effectively by swinging, spinning it around and using it in varies ways. He used it as a pole too. Even as a guitar too. He also gave away his umbrella to other people. He kept on throwing his umbrella and flipping it. It shows him very emotional, entertaining and other positive things. He is also very kind and especially open-minded. He is opening up himself. All though he was fooling around with the umbrella and got caught by police. Another prop he used was his hat. He bowed with him taking his hat off in the old times. Also his tap dancing shoes. He tap danced in the rain swinging his umbrella happily. He would never stop smiling. 

Rhythm: I think the rhythm was great! It was all in great shape. It never lost its balance. Gene Kelly danced to the rhythm and jumping, skipping and doing other stuff. There was some slow and fast movements but still it matched the song very well. I liked it.

Expression: When Gene Kelly was dancing, he was relaxed and had a happy expression on his face. There were expression such as him falling in love. His emotions were very gentle and during that time, he was moving very slowly. He was drifting all over the place. He was smiling to the sky too. Showing himself very thrilled.

Moving through space: Gene Kelly never stopped moving. He kept on going on and on along the streets singing and dancing. He spins all around the streets kicking the puddles in different directions. It seems he didn’t really care if he got himself soaking wet. There were also parts when he climbed a pole. He was so thrilled, he got too excited and started doing movements that people usually don’t do in the rain. He was very hyperactive. It showed him as if he was at the center of the stage performing this whole scene figuratively. I think they needed o set up lots of space for Gene Kelly to move around.

In conclusion, I think the whole concept of this performance is he wanted to show us all is that thinking generally, normally rain is something negative to everyone. You can’t go outside and play around so its sad but Gene Kelly is telling us that rain sometimes can be fun. He was kicking the puddles and playing around with it. He was all wet but he didn’t care about it. In my opinion, I feel like he is saying. “Who cares if its raining? Go have some fun! Swing your umbrella! Feel the nature!” I really enjoyed watching it. It was very interesting and fun too watch. Especially very entertaining!

My Skrillex Violin Cover!!!

Hey guys and I would like to show you my Skrillex Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites to you. As I said, I did it at my school assembly but unfortunately, it turned out to be a kind of a failure. It was still good thought but… So I uploaded that performance to YouTube so here it is! If you like it, please like, comment and subscribe!!! Hope you enjoy!

Drama Speech Evaluation

Last 2 months, we worked on 1 minute speeches. We did 2 of them and I chose this speech. Its about my passion Violin. I chose this because it has more expression and more interesting and catches people’s attention.


6A Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


I personally think that my volume and projection was great. It was loud and clear enough for the audience to understand. My pase was good too but a bit fast. I felt like I stammered at the middle and forgot what to say so I was in a panic. My pitch was clear too. I didn’t use any inflection but overall, I think I did great.

Movie Camera Shots

In English class, we have started to make a film study. We were learning to take pictures of several angles and the meanings of them so what we experimented was, we went to our school roof and took pictures with different angles. We were in groups of 3s and 4s. My group was me and Dan as actor, George as cameraman and Idan as an director. We learned that we can read an image by looking at it and imagining what is going on.

We did different angles such as high, low angles, angles in the middle and others. I learned that angles show different perspectives such as if you were taking a picture of a person in a low angle, then it would show that person very proud and looking people down but a high angle would show someone hesitating or being bullied or has a small background.

These are some of our pictures we took at the roof.


Point of view shot with me and Dan.


In this picture, it shows me on the left and one of my group member Dan talking. The camera is focusing on us but if you see  more clearly, in the right bottom corner, you see a hand so its a sight from someone’s eye. This part was when my another group member George tried to punch Dan in the face. It was hilarious and it looked like a sight in a action video game. If you have played action video games before, your player’s hand will always be on the right holding the weapon.


Over the shoulder with me and Dan

This picture shows me talking to Dan but the angle would be facing Dan. I’m the person behind. It shows that the camera is focusing to Dan because it shows him in the middle of the picture and its facing him. It is similar to an interview. I’m the interviewer and Dan is the interviewee.

In conclusion, I think the effects on different type of film shot is the person or object your focusing on. That shows how important that thing is and would have an impact to it.

Violin cover of Skrillex!!!???

Ok. I like Skrillex. Its awesome and epic! Everyone says its just noise but no! It has melody. Its melody and dubstep!

I play violin and here is a video of Scary Monster and Nice Sprites Violin Cover! Its sooooooooooo cool! I’m thinking to do this at my school assembly but this person is way better than me.

Hope you enjoy!

Tokyo National Museum Reflection (Including bits of Ueno Zoo)

For field trip we went to Ueno Zoo and Tokyo National Museum. We went by train first heading to Ueno Zoo and then to the Tokyo National Museum. It was my first time to Ueno Zoo. I felt it awkward because its my 4th year living in Japan and haven’t been to Ueno Zoo which is one of the most greatest zoo in Tokyo so probably I’m very late. I think I’ve been to Tokyo National Museum. I’m not completely sure but have a feeling. At the Zoo, I was expecting animals that aren’t very known. Not lions, giraffes, zebras and those major animals.  At the museum, I was expecting ancient things from the Edo period or something like that.

At the museum I found 3 things.

The first one was a plate with a painting only using blue. It was made in the Edo period, 17th century. It was made by making the plate first and then painting it in blue and drying it up.

The next one is called a Tachi sword in the Heian period, 12th century made by Kanehira. It was on a stand with the blaze facing the right side. It was very sharp. The holder had pictures of swirly lines in a ruff way.

The final one was a large jar with fire marks made it the Edo period  around  the 16-17 century. The fire marks were on the top part of the jar. It was all covered in dark red. It was all dirty but still very delicate.

These objects were interesting to me because the designs looked very creative such as the bowl and the jar. It felt to me like you are expressing yourselves in the designs. The brushstrokes were very unique. I felt like the painting were in a rush but still I enjoyed watching it.

Most of the objects didn’t have many connection with other countries but only the large blue bowl had it. The design of the bowl I had some feeling to people in China.

Overall I enjoyed the trip. I was able to learn and look at different ancient and unique stuff.