Spanish reflection

I am proud of being able to catch up with the class since I only came in March. Applying my knowledge from my previous school in London, I had been able to do the rest of the assessments/tasks without having to struggle too much. I partially consider myself as a Spanish speaker since I have been taking it for 4 years now. In my previous school I have had quite a lot of native Spanish speakers and visiting different places in Spain for school trips/holiday vacation, I have been influenced by the culture and people. Taking all my experiences back here to YIS, and also learning new things, it has enhanced my skills to understand Spanish on a broader scale. Learning new vocabulary, I can explain and discuss topics in Spanish improving skills day by day. If I were to come in the beginning of the year, I would have studied and understood more on the previous topics we’ve done. My three concrete aims for next year in DP Spanish B is to learn more vocabularies to form more advanced sentences in my exams, consolidate all the conjugations, and study more effectively by looking back at previous tests whilst taking key notes most pertinent for my upcoming exams.

Wellness Reflection

This year in PSHEE, I have only came for the minority of the all the classes that the students had attended throughout the past year. However, I have learnt about different topics that I haven’t come across in the past. For example, various types of drugs that stimulate people in different parts of the body. “Sex” as a general topic but many emotions and intentions that people do it for. It is significant to learn these kind of topics apart from other academical subjects because it helps us to see a broader view in different aspects of life that we may come across in the future. During the learning experience, I didn’t feel as much uncomfortable than in the past lessons in my previous school. This time, I felt as if I was more open-minded and accepted different situations we’ve discussed as a class. Is was much easier to contribute towards the class, participating in discussions and not being afraid to convey my opinions. As a result of this experience, I believed I have changed as a more open-minded curious person. I may have been more stubborn if I had not come across this because I would simple think they are “wrong”. But now I have come to the conclusions that learning about these topics can assist me to be more mature and knowledgeable, rather than refusing to accept them.