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I believed that my oratory skills throughout the entire MUN experience was one of my strengths that I have realised. Whenever I went up to the podium to state the position of my country based on the issue of discussion as a whole, my voice was naturally sturdy and bold which had conveyed a strong impression to other delegates on the floor. With such a short time given for speeches, I believed I was able to convey concise detail of my country’s stance as I had been able to avoid any other time-consuming and any other unnecessary information that was needed. Although some drawbacks of my ability that I could think of are for instance my lack of knowledge based on that global issue. Concept wise I am able to understand the issue and how it revolves around our world, nevertheless I would only know vaguely about it. Hence, I believe that more studying and research is needed for that global issue which shall allow myself to observe different delegate perspectives more swiftly, and even come up with more future actions to put forward through whatever resolution I intend to make.

I believe the some of the challenges I’ve encountered within this activity involved mainly the entire system under MUN. It was a struggle and took some time to get use to the MUN terminology and specific MUN related commands made by Chairs. Especially a time I recall back in November when I participated in my first KIS MUN conference which was intimidating and even thrilling to see what other delegates had in their mind. Although the process was rapid where I couldn’t easily keep up with the pace hence I had stepped back multiple times and at times hesitated to express my opinions.

The planning process under anything whether it involves position papers or resolutions, I had constantly undergone research for the topic of matter. Obtaining difference news articles and speeches from governments regarding the issue, I have learnt different opinions and perspectives of the problem. Nonetheless, I have learnt that people don’t aline with the same viewpoint regardless of any issue, but that what shapes the intentions of MUN where we are given the opportunity to tackle a situation through different obstacles.

My collaboration skills were quite effective as I was able to discuss the issue and even debate with other delegates to observe the situation to a even greater extent. Whilst I was creating resolutions, I was able to communicate my points effectively and work with other delegates to productively come up with a sophisticated resolution that can be passed across the floor.

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