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Hi. I’m Nao and as you know… I’m the author of  ”Nao’s Super Epic Blog!!!!!!”  This is my first time having a blog. I love to express myself and I’m very open-minded. I hope you like my blog!

This is a picture of me running in YIS Cross Country. I’m 2nd in boys and also 2nd in 6th grade. I really want to be first! In this year’s Cross Country, I was 2nd in boys and I was a second away from the 1st person. I cried a lot. I was so sad and mortified. But still I did great so it was good.

This is the source of the picture above. 

I’m from Japan. I was born in Tokyo and then I moved to New York and grew up there. I’m Japanese. My hobbies are to play with electronic devices and to run. I play violin and I like to play rocks song on violin even though its not ment to play rock music. This is my 7th year of playing violin. My favorite violinist is Taro Hakase. I inspire the way he plays the violin and my favorite song of his is Jounestu Tairiku. My favorite food is Steak with french fries and my favorite drink is Ginger-Ale Canada Dry. Just thinking about it makes me sooooo want to eat and drink it. There is a famous Steak House called Peter Luger and that is my favorite restaurant! I’ve been to that Peter Luger restaurant in New York Brooklyn.

THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                             The Steak over here is delicious! They cook it in front of you!


This is the source of the picture above.


This is the source of the picture above.

My favorite drink. They have different kinds of tastes. Sweet and Spicy.

This is the source of the picture above.

A picture of me playing violin. Isn’t it cool?


Well anyway, if you like my blog. I will upload interesting and fun videos. I’m sometimes busy because I have Juku (Japanese School) Homework, violin lessons, Cross country and other things. But I’ll still try to do it. I’m learning Spanish which is a great opportunity to me. I’ve learned how to greet, noun, verbs and other conversations in spanish. For example, Hola! Que Tal? You might not know what I’m saying. I’m saying, Hi! How are you? Its really fun and I’m enjoying it!

When I was living in New York, I had lots of fun. I’ve been to Florida Miami for vacation on cruise ships for 4 times! My favorite one was the Royal Caribbean. This is a picture of it.

This is the source of the picture above.

I had lots of great opportunities in New York. I was able to learn english there and had a great education. Even in here in YIS too! I want go to Havard University and MIT. But I have to study a lot and have to be in a high level of knowledge. But this is not hopeless. I would need to do it. I can’t just say it. I have to do it. My other dreams are to travel to different countries and to be international. I might want to work in United Nations to stop war and to have peace in earth. I really have lots of dreams and if I start my procedure of studying, I can be able to make my dreams actually come true!

To end this. This is a funny video of Oppa Minecraft Style!

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