Singing in the Rain Analysis

During these few weeks, we are studying about movements and we were assigned to investigate the movements that a famous dancer and film actor Gene Kelly uses. We watched his video called “Singing in the rain” which is known all over the world.  Here is the video.

Today, I would like to be talking about 4 things which are props, rhythm, expression and moving through space in the video.

Props: Mainly, Gene Kelly was using an umbrella. There were other props such as hats and others but I think the main focus is the umbrella. Gene Kelly used it very effectively by swinging, spinning it around and using it in varies ways. He used it as a pole too. Even as a guitar too. He also gave away his umbrella to other people. He kept on throwing his umbrella and flipping it. It shows him very emotional, entertaining and other positive things. He is also very kind and especially open-minded. He is opening up himself. All though he was fooling around with the umbrella and got caught by police. Another prop he used was his hat. He bowed with him taking his hat off in the old times. Also his tap dancing shoes. He tap danced in the rain swinging his umbrella happily. He would never stop smiling. 

Rhythm: I think the rhythm was great! It was all in great shape. It never lost its balance. Gene Kelly danced to the rhythm and jumping, skipping and doing other stuff. There was some slow and fast movements but still it matched the song very well. I liked it.

Expression: When Gene Kelly was dancing, he was relaxed and had a happy expression on his face. There were expression such as him falling in love. His emotions were very gentle and during that time, he was moving very slowly. He was drifting all over the place. He was smiling to the sky too. Showing himself very thrilled.

Moving through space: Gene Kelly never stopped moving. He kept on going on and on along the streets singing and dancing. He spins all around the streets kicking the puddles in different directions. It seems he didn’t really care if he got himself soaking wet. There were also parts when he climbed a pole. He was so thrilled, he got too excited and started doing movements that people usually don’t do in the rain. He was very hyperactive. It showed him as if he was at the center of the stage performing this whole scene figuratively. I think they needed o set up lots of space for Gene Kelly to move around.

In conclusion, I think the whole concept of this performance is he wanted to show us all is that thinking generally, normally rain is something negative to everyone. You can’t go outside and play around so its sad but Gene Kelly is telling us that rain sometimes can be fun. He was kicking the puddles and playing around with it. He was all wet but he didn’t care about it. In my opinion, I feel like he is saying. “Who cares if its raining? Go have some fun! Swing your umbrella! Feel the nature!” I really enjoyed watching it. It was very interesting and fun too watch. Especially very entertaining!

Drama Speech Evaluation

Last 2 months, we worked on 1 minute speeches. We did 2 of them and I chose this speech. Its about my passion Violin. I chose this because it has more expression and more interesting and catches people’s attention.


6A Drama: 1 Min Speeches from YIS Arts on Vimeo.


I personally think that my volume and projection was great. It was loud and clear enough for the audience to understand. My pase was good too but a bit fast. I felt like I stammered at the middle and forgot what to say so I was in a panic. My pitch was clear too. I didn’t use any inflection but overall, I think I did great.

Improv Tournament Reflection

During this unit in Drama we have done different kinds of acting and expressing ourselves. I’ve learned a lot about acting and ways to emphasize that.

We have done 4 games. They are called Space jump, Expert Double Figures, Statues and Die Story Die! Space jump is a game played with 4 people. The first person acts and then so on and so on, the next person says “Space Jump!” and then changes the scene. Expert double Figures is a game with 2 people acting and the other 2 people stays behind the people acting and puts their arms in front of that people. Statues is a game with a person molds 3 people and the 3 people acts using there assigned statue and takes turns. Finally the last game Die Story Die! A person conducts 3 people and the 3 people creates a story. But if they somehow can’t continue or starts to stammer the story they die! As the last person remains that person wraps up the story. In this lesson, we did tournaments. I was teams with George, Aitor and Joi. We chose Space Jump and Expert Double Figures.

I think I did pretty well with offer and accept and I think I was able to have the whole scene make sense. If that did not happen well, the story will get very messed up and probably it will fail. So I think that was a good thing to be careful at.

I think I could have improved my performance by having to face the audience. Sometimes, my back faces toward the audience so I think I need to improve on that and fix my angle.

I could use these skills in a performance by using all of the ways we have done in these 4 games. We can also use offer and accept to help us with our performance. We can practice space jump before we do our performances and we can warm up with doing that so I think that these 4 games are good exercises before you start a performance.

This is the Criteria and these are grades that I think are suitable to me. 

You will always offer ideas and accept other’s ideas

I think I got a 9 out of 10 because I didn’t protest to other peoples opinions.

You will always share the story/scene with other players

I think I got a 9 out of 10 because I always share ideas and I’m also creative.

You will always name the object or introduce the situation so other players understand

I think I got a 7 out of 10 because I sometimes introduce the scene. But still I think I need to improve a bit more on it.

You will always keep the story going to a logical conclusion

I think I got a 5-6 out of 10 because I sometimes stammer at the end so I think I need to improve on that.

You will always create and keep being a believable character in a place that matches the character

I think I got a 6-7 out of 10 because I sometimes stay the same character and I try not to destroy that. But still more improvement.

In conclusion, I think these 4 games really helps us emphasize our performances and I think I could do well on performances I have in Drama class.


These are 2 videos I’ve performed. Space Jump and Expert Double Figures.

6A Drama: Improv Tournament from YIS Arts on Vimeo.

6A Drama: Improv Tournament from YIS Arts on Vimeo.