Tokyo National Museum Reflection (Including bits of Ueno Zoo)

For field trip we went to Ueno Zoo and Tokyo National Museum. We went by train first heading to Ueno Zoo and then to the Tokyo National Museum. It was my first time to Ueno Zoo. I felt it awkward because its my 4th year living in Japan and haven’t been to Ueno Zoo which is one of the most greatest zoo in Tokyo so probably I’m very late. I think I’ve been to Tokyo National Museum. I’m not completely sure but have a feeling. At the Zoo, I was expecting animals that aren’t very known. Not lions, giraffes, zebras and those major animals.  At the museum, I was expecting ancient things from the Edo period or something like that.

At the museum I found 3 things.

The first one was a plate with a painting only using blue. It was made in the Edo period, 17th century. It was made by making the plate first and then painting it in blue and drying it up.

The next one is called a Tachi sword in the Heian period, 12th century made by Kanehira. It was on a stand with the blaze facing the right side. It was very sharp. The holder had pictures of swirly lines in a ruff way.

The final one was a large jar with fire marks made it the Edo period  around  the 16-17 century. The fire marks were on the top part of the jar. It was all covered in dark red. It was all dirty but still very delicate.

These objects were interesting to me because the designs looked very creative such as the bowl and the jar. It felt to me like you are expressing yourselves in the designs. The brushstrokes were very unique. I felt like the painting were in a rush but still I enjoyed watching it.

Most of the objects didn’t have many connection with other countries but only the large blue bowl had it. The design of the bowl I had some feeling to people in China.

Overall I enjoyed the trip. I was able to learn and look at different ancient and unique stuff.