Call and Response Reflection

Rhythm is important in music because if it doesn’t have rhythm in songs it can get messed up and you won’t know how the melody goes and it’ll also be hard to make lyrics. You won’t be able to get the tempo. But if you have rhythm you will be able to get the tempo and it will be more easier to create (or compose) songs. There are no songs without rhythm or otherwise its not a song. It makes it more complicated to compose songs because you don’t have any rhythm and there will be no point in making them because that is the and basics in music.

Same thing with using instruments. There is always rhythm in every piece. If you don’t get the rhythm it will be complicated to play that piece. So its good to get the rhythm and practice it and its good to combine them together. Before playing it, its good to clap out the rhythm too. It will be more helpful. Basically, rhythm is to help you out and  its very useful. Then if you get the rhythm you can be able to play any piece. Music is mainly rhythm and its the major thing.  

Here is my Call and Response Song. Hope you enjoy!!!

Call and Response Final!!!