PE Unit The first chapter

In PE, we did 4 units. Which were Fitness, Cross country, Soccer and Volleyball. I think that I have made lots of process during PE. I was able to learn different kinds of things and had activities that was my first experiences.

In fitness, I learned about Cardio Vascular Endurance and other kinds of words that relates to our body. I did different kinds of things such as weight lifting, jumping using rulers, jump roping and other kinds of things that relates to fitness. I think I did well in weight lifting because I was able to keep the pase and I think I was able to move lots of muscles in my body. I think I should have improved on learning the words. I wasn’t really good at explaining what the words so I think I need to improve on that. For the other things like jump roping etc. I think I did pretty good but I think I need to practice a little bit more.

Now moving on to Cross Country, we went to Negishi park to run for cross country. We ran 2 laps and it was approximately 3km. I was 2nd and I was very mortified. I was a second away for the 1st person runner. I think I was a bit too harsh on myself. I’ve could have relaxed a little bit more and ran. But I think I was able to improve my running and time starting for when I was 3th grade to 6th grade. I was able to go to the Arakawa River to the Tokyo International school race so I think I did well.

Going on to Soccer, I was able to learn different kinds of Techniques that I haven’t done. I think I could have improved on dribbling the ball and more communication was needed. I think that I was able to shoot without using the point of my shoe but using the side and shooting. Before that I would always kick the ball using the point of my shoe so I think I improved on that.

Finally on to Volleyball, this was my first experience of playing this sport. I learned different skills and words that goes on with it so for example, “The dig” which goes under and the “Serve” which is above you. Well I knew what spikes were but anyway I was able to learn all of that. I was able to hit and keep the volleyball in control but sometimes I missed it. I think I could have had more communication and more teamwork for my improvements. I was able to serve it across the net with some fails but I think I did pretty good for a start.

In conclusion, I think I did great. I was able to learn different kinds of things that I didn’t know and I think I can be able to improve more on it and I think These units were great to learn and I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to the next unit!

The Cooper Test Run

Today in PE, we went to the park for Cardio Vascular Endurance. The aim was to run as fast as we can for 12 minutes. The course was 200m. Then we got a score depending on what age we are. I got 2400m which is 2.4km. I did 12 laps. I think I did pretty good. Probably I could have improved by sprinting at the last few minutes. I could have also run a bit faster at the end. My partner Dan got 2100m (2.1km). 10.5 laps. In age of 12 years old I got average. Next time, I’ll keep the paste and run more laps! But I think I still did my best!