Tutorial Creating Reflection

During this few weeks, we commented on other people’s tutorials. I commented on Ro’s blog and Henri’s blog.

After that, we were finally able to create our tutorials and now its on You-Tube! As you know, my tutorial is about how to do vibrato on violin. The video will be on the bottom of this blog post. If you like it, please like it and subscribe!!!

I think my tutorial meets Step by Step, Conclusion and Zoom in. (These are important words, also known as our criteria for creating a tutorial.) In my opinion, for Step by Step, my tutorial is easy for the viewers to follow. I had an example of the ambulance siren. That would show how the vibrato would sound like. So I think that can be more easier for the viewers to understand and it can give them an idea in what it would sound  like. I tried the ambulance siren and the vibrato a few times so that the viewers can listen to it very carefully and would understand in how it would sound like. Its always good to do your step a few times not only once but to make that step even more clear. For Conclusion, my tutorial has one. Its always good to end it up. For example, there cannot be a hamburger without a bottom bun. I concluded my tutorial saying, “Thank you for watching!”, “Hope you learned a lot!” and “Hope you enjoyed and please subscribe!” Then it can entertain the viewers. (I guess.) For Zoom in, when I do the vibrato, it zooms in so that the viewers can see more clearly. I’ve explained that in my tutorial too.

From some tutorials I’ve watched, I’ve got ideas such as using voiceover in iMovie to specify the step you’re doing. Also using lots of text. Comparing to the amount of text I’m using, I found lots of people using more text than me while showing the step so I should have improved more on that.

I have some challenges with making the step in slow motion. I think its because that I’ve haven’t experience a lot more deeper in iMovie. I always fiddle around with the things that are there in front when I open up iMovie. Not just with the technical problems but filming, explaining and performing the steps. When filming, the camera can be very shaky and not stabilized. During your explanation, you tend to get lost in what you’re saying and stammer. When performing the step, sometimes it might turn out in a different way than you expected so probably its good to have practice on that and improve all the things that have difficulty in you.

In conclusion, overall I think I did great on creating my tutorial. Even thought some parts needed development. I think from now on, tutorials will be more important in the future. So its good to practice more on the parts in creating one. This unit was very fun and I enjoyed a lot! I’m looking forward for the next unit!


Here is my Violin tutorial for Technology class. Hope you enjoy! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!

After watching my tutorial, please fill in this survey.



Tutorial Planning Reflection

During these few weeks, we have started our tutorial planning. After looking at our favorite tutorials and the other people’s tutorials they liked, we started storyboards for our tutorial. My tutorial is about how to do vibrato on a violin. I made a storyboard including all the things that you need to do in doing vibrato and here is my storyboard. I’m thinking to put this on my You-Tube channel.

For my storyboard, I think it meets Step by Step, Conclusion and Zoom.

I think its Step by Step because it shows all the orders when doing  vibrato. Its very easy and simple to understand. I can demonstrate it by showing them step by step and never miss any parts of doing vibrato.

My storyboard has a Conclusion because I have a slide ending the whole tutorial. It wrap ups the tutorial and you can thank the viewers for watching and you can say “I hope you learned a lot!”  and  it entertains the viewers. I can demonstrate it by using hand gestures at the end. Its the same thing with a hamburger. You cannot have a hamburger with just a top bun, lettuce, meat patty etc. You need to have the bottom bun which is the conclusion.

My storyboard has Zooming in because its more clear and easier for the viewers to understand. I can demonstrate it by bringing my violin very close to my computer camera and do the vibrato slowly.

To make your tutorial look even better, you can explain the viewers about that step in moderate speed and its good to specify that step so that the viewers can learn quicker than they think they can. What you need to learn about creating your tutorial is to slow down when talking. Sometimes you stammer and it may go quickly so take your time and explain it slowly so that the viewers can follow you. Not only just that but performing the steps too. Take it slowly so that the viewers can understand what you are exactly showing.  

Here is my tutorial time plan. Its our planning for “What we need for are tutorial, when we are going to film” and other stuff. 

Here is my storyboard on google presentation. 


Before starting this unit, I used to think that planning isn’t necessary for tutorials. You just explain the procedure. But now I think that planning helps your explanation a lot and it can be more easier to understand. 

In this unit I learned that its good to plan out your tutorial so that it can be more helpful to other people. I think planning is one of the most major things that are needed for making tutorials. Planning may also relate to storyboards which is very helpful to create a tutorial.  Also I learned that practice can make your tutorial even better. You will be organized and will know what to say.

In conclusion, I think that this unit was very fun and useful to Technology. Tutorials can really make your use of technology more higher and advanced. You can share things you can do. I’ll be filming soon so I’ll keep in mind about the things that are important. Practice and planning.

My Favorite Tutorial Investigation Reflection

In this unit we started to learn about tutorials. We did things like researching about our favorite tutorials on You-Tube and we explained about what was good about those tutorials and what needs to be improved. Then after that we commented on other people’s favorite tutorials. I commented on Aitor’s blog and Ashley’s blog.


I took a look at Aitor’s blog and it was about how to do a BackFlip on a trampoline. For the first tutorial, I liked the way he didn’t talk but he had a slide were he explained what to do. I think that way is more easier to follow than talking because probably you might forget it so its was good. But, this person could have proofread these explaining slides. There were some spelling mistakes. That should have been improved. Now going on to the second one, It was pretty detail and it really showed. He also talked slowly so I was able to understand it. I like the way that he demonstrated it. He also introduced what he’s going to do so that was good. There was 1 part which I liked about is why did he make this tutorial. He said he couldn’t really But I think he should have been a bit more slow. I couldn’t really follow him that fast.

Going on to Ashley’s blog, I think I was easy to understand for how to draw a panda. It was detailed and I think it was good. This person added music to entertain people and I think that he had lots of creativity in his mind. But things that were need to be improved was this person’s hand was in the way so I could see it 100% clearly and I also think he was too fast. I could really follow this person. But still I liked it in total.

For my Tutorial,  I learned where to get the Minecraft Forge from the internet and I learned where to drag all the Minecraft Forge to your Minecraft Jar folder.  This person who’s a he showed us exactly where to get the Minecraft Forge from the internet and showed us how to drag that Forge data to your Minecraft Jar Folder and its very specific and easy to understand. What he could have done was to zoomed the screen more closer so that we can see what he is doing. Also he should have waited for us and give us time to do it. The title of his video didn’t really match with his video and it was confusing. His title said How to install Minecraft Forge 1.4.6/1.4.5[MAC] but he installed 1.4.2 so it didn’t really make sense. So he should have made his point more clearly so that we can understand.

I learned during the investigate that you can use slideshows for tutorials. That way you can understand it clearly. I learned durting the investigate that there are lots of important things to make a good tutorial. I can use what you learned to make a good tutorial by trying it out and see what can be improved and sometimes experiment with it. I made Minecraft Tutorials on my You-Tube channel and I always keep in mind to speak clearly and slow and use the ways of making great tutorials in Technology class.

I think what was same with the tutorial slideshow and the tutorials for our tutorial research is the explanation. In the You-tube tutorials and the slideshows, almost the way of explaining in words are same. But the difference was the slideshow is easier to follow than the ones on You-Tube because in the slideshow you can highlight the things you need to do but in the You-Tube tutorial its blurry and you can’t see very well so you might need to zoom in. I think to make a good tutorial I need to learn to speak in a clear voice and have the explanations make sense for the other people to understand.


This is my slideshow tutorial for how to embed an You-Tube video to your blog. I think my explanation is very easy and simple to understand. I think slideshow tutorials are good use and helpful for doing things.



To conclude, I think making tutorials are great practices for explanations and are also good practice to use in Technology and I think its a great idea and I think this unit was great because we were able to learn how to make great tutorials!







Create Reflection

During these 3 units, we have done different kinds of things to design our blog. I’ve done lots and lots of things to really make my blog. I’ve chosen a great theme and I’ve learned a lot about doing it. 

I’m very happy and confident with my blog design/theme because as I said, I’ve chosen a blog theme that really represents me. It makes me feel by me having creativity. I think that my blog theme could catch peoples attention and I have a feeling that there would be lots of visitors visiting my blog. I just started the visitor widget but I think in the end of the year I can get lots of visitors. But I think I still need to design it a bit more better. But still I’m glad with my blog theme.

What I’m proud of my blog is that, I have different kinds of colors used.  I also like my Header image too. 



As I said I have lots of creativity so I’m really proud of that. I’m also proud of my posts too. It really shows that I’m a detailed person and I’m very open-minded. I share different ideas and I think that is a great thing to do on your blog. I also have pictures in almost every blog post I’ve done. I’m also proud of My about me page. I think I’ve explained  a lot about myself and I really enjoy reading that. I read it over and over and I’m very confident about it. 


In conclusion, I really think that my blog is great and I’m proud of it. I have lots of posts and the color I’ve used are very colorful.I think that I’ve empathized a lot in my blog. I feel very positive in what I’ve done. I’m looking forward to having many visitiors to visit my blog! 

Becoming A Blogger Plan Reflection

During this 3 weeks we have done 3 rough drafts of our blog themes. We chose one best draft for it. Then we did our How to grow our blog goals. We have done these things because its good to know about how to use blogs and planning is one of the most important things. If we started the blogs soon we won’t really get use to it and we could end up knowing not really a lot about it. I’ve learned that planning for our blogs really helps you empathize your blog. I’ve also learned that our goals of How to grow a blog can also help us by sorting or organize our blogs. If we had lots and lots of goals in our minds and if you immediately start doing all of that stuff, you can get confused and you won’t be able to achieve your goals. So if we had this kind of brainstorm, we can create a great blog.



The drawing below the How to grow a blog plan, is my rough draft of how I want my blog theme to look like. This is selected as my best one. I’ll explain some reasons why I choose this theme. Basically, I choose this theme because it has originality and the background has different colors. I didn’t only choose just 1 color because I thought it wouldn’t really stand out.  Also I wanted to express my feeling so I tried to create this theme. I wanted to use different designs so I arranged it like this. Finally I wanted to create a blog theme that can catch people attention so I tried to make that. I think this represents me because I like to be creative and I like to share all my ideas to other people. Also this shows that I’m very colorful. For me its related to being open-minded. I’m not shy so I always do whatever I can and try to be wide open. Finally, this represents me by being organized. I planned my blog theme out by trying to be organized so I did that. Its good to sort out things and be a neat person.

To grow my blog, I need to learn to get more readers and promote myself, organize my blog and get links and show different exciting things. To do all of that I can either ask a friend how to do it or to ask a teacher how to do it too. Also I could be able to look it on youtube to see blog tutorials. Even you could use the wordpress document too. For getting more readers I can get links and show fun information about it. I can comment on other peoples blogs and they can comment on mine too. I can also tell my friends and families all around the world. I think this is one of the most important things for your blog because its good to focus on goals you want to achieve. You can think of making your blog better.

In conclusion,  I think that work I’ve done was great. I was able to think of lots and lots of ideas and it was very fun. Especially , the 3 rough drafts. The challenging assignments during these 3 weeks I’ve done were the How to grow a Blog goals. I had lots of goals but I really didn’t know how to explain them. Its easy to say it in words but you actually had to achieve it so I was a bit concerned. But even though I really liked all of these assignments. Very creative and very detailed. I could have improved more on the How to grow a blog goals by being more specific. As I said I had lots of goals but I think they were a bit to general. I want to become better at knowing all the different sections in blogs. Including Widgets, Comments and other stuff too. What I want to do next is to experiment on the new things of blogs. I’m not sure what they are but if there is going to be new things, I will definitely test them out. I really like Technology and I like to learn all the new things about it so I’m looking forward to it!



Investigation Reflection

During this 5 weeks, we have done 3 things that are related to blogs which are Blog research, Blog Brainstorms and WordPress. The reasons why we did this was because to know what blogs are. In this unit, I learned what makes a blog better. I’ve learned the basics of blogs. Now that I know a lot about blogs, I could empathizes my blog.  

For the Blog Research, we had to investigate 3 blogs. We could also do more than that but lets stick to 3 of them. We had to write about how these 3 blog you’ve chose were good to you. This is a example of it. We had to copy that URL of the blog and paste it to our  project. We wrote 3 things about the blog. I think this activity was good because we could get advice from them and we can improve our blogs.  The next one is our Brainstorms. Before we created our blogs, we had to plan it out. We put ideas about what we like, our life and different kinds of information about our selfs. I had tons of ideas and I think I made too much but I had so many ideas I couldn’t stop! Here is the picture of it. Its the one below the blog research. We used different shapes and colors to organized which is which. Finally the last one is the Learning about WordPress. We had to research about the things in the blog. For example, categories, post and other things too. Here is the picture of it. Below the brainstorm. We had partners so with our partners, we research about that section we are assigned. That is the different kinds of things that are on the blog. After we were completed with that we share our answers and everyone in the class had to copy it. Very tough. I think that it was a good choice to learn this because if we didn’t know any single thing in blogs and we just started to create it, we won’t get to know the basics of blogs and it will be no use for having it so I think it was a good idea to learn all of that. 





The 3 most important criteria to me was Writing, About Me and Design. I think writing is important because you need to have good grammar and have your sentences make sense. You should also have expression in your writing and use complicated words.  About Me could be the same too. You write and express yourselves. About me is also important to me because as you know, you could express yourselves. You could write about what you like to do and be creative. It will probably be interesting for other people. But you shouldn’t write too much about yourself. Like where you live and other personal information. It could be a possible for other people to stock you and rob you. So you have to be very cautious about that.  Then finally, design is important to me because if you don’t have any design and if it was default, whats the point of having a blog? You need to have a design in your blog. You should pile up the creativity. 

To meet these criteria in your blog, you can do this. For writing, you can fix your grammar and improve more on your vocabulary. You can get comments from other people you know. They could give you advice and you can use that advice in your writing.  For about me, you can upload pictures of things you like. You could describe about that. You can be creative in your writing as I said and you can also get advice from other people too. Designs are simple. You can choose any design you like and be creative. You can recommend that design to other people too. 

In conclusion, I think I did great on these 3 activities. It was pretty complicated but I think that these 3 activities were a big success to me. I could improve more on writing. My goal is to arrange sentences to make sense. I could write more but I should also check on spelling and grammar too. I also might want to change backgrounds and use more designs. I think this whole thing about blogs are to be creative and thats a very great thing. I think I have a great opportunity to have a blog and learn lots about it. I’m looking forward to the next unit!